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Prosecco and Promises
Prosecco and Promises: an uplifting novel of love in the face of grief | A. L. Michael
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A feel-good story of self-discovery and love in the face of grief, join Mia in the beautiful Italian island of Ischia. Perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane, Lindsey Kelk and Lucy Vine. Since her mother died when Mia was a child, her dad has been her best friend and her idol. Now, the cancer he survived years before is back, and this time theres no fighting it. To make matters worse her dads last request is for Mia to leave him and visit her mothers family on the Italian island of Ischia so she doesnt have to be there at the end. Arriving at the sun-soaked island, Mia is embraced by the warm, crazy family she doesnt know. While she waits for the phone to ring with the dreaded news, Mia desperately looks for a connection to the mother she never knew. Stumbling upon an antique shop run by the charming Antonio and his grouchy but handsome grandson Salvatore, she throws herself into helping with the shop restoration. As Mia and Salvatores bickering soon turns to chemistry, will she risk having her heart broken when she knows whats waiting for her at home? If you love Prosecco and Promises, why not read more about Mias best friend Savvy in Cocktails and Dreams? Out now!
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It does exist! Wine ice cream from #NewYork and I want to eat the whole carton! But I‘m savoring it just a little at a time. There are ten flavors altogether. ICYMI today is national girlfriends day.

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Eggs Oh love it 🥰!!! Thanks for the ww Tag!! 6mo
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Jerdencon I need to find this! 6mo
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Fire & prosecco with the family 🥂🔥🥰

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Repost for @Velvetfur :
What's the meaning of life? Everyone knows it's 42! And when it's double like this it means that the meaning of life is Litsy! 💜 So let's celebrate with a giveaway, where I will buy you a surprise from your TBR, just comment here to tell me if you'd like to take part so I can put your name in the cloche hat again 👒

Another week or so to go!

Liatrek Awesome! I love when I see people get the 42 reference ❤️ 1y
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Loved this book and recommend it if you're looking for a bit of Italian romance this Valentine's Day. #NetGalley #Romance #Prosecco #Italy 😍