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Her Frozen Heart
Her Frozen Heart | Lulu Taylor
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Caitlyn, theres something I have to tell you. About Sara. Caitlyn thinks her marriage to Patrick is a success. For one thing, he is one of the few people not to fall head over heels for her beautiful friend, Sara. Life is lived on his terms, but they are happy. Arent they? When a devastating accident turns her existence upside down, Caitlyn is forced to reassess everything she thought about her marriage, what she truly knows about Patrick, and his real feelings for her best friend. In the refuge of an old manor house, she begins to discover the truth. In 1947, the worst winter in decades hits England, cutting off entirely the inhabitants of Kings Harcourt Manor. For Tommy Carter, widowed at the start of war, it is particularly hard: the burden of the family falls on her. She has the solace of her children, and the interesting presence of her brothers friend, Fred. But there is also Barbara, a mysterious figure from her past who appears to want a piece of Tommys future as well. Her Frozen Heart is a thrilling mystery from Lulu Taylor, top ten bestselling author of The Snow Rose.
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Her Frozen Heart | Lulu Taylor
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Her Frozen Heart | Lulu Taylor

This book is beautifully written and very clever. The book centres around two women who husbands have tragically died. Separated by decades the women‘s lives are similar in their troubles and fight to survive. The house plays an important part in the story and the characters all connect. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It left me wanting to know about the people and their lives