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More Was Lost
More Was Lost: A Memoir | Eleanor Perenyi
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Best known for her classic book Green Thoughts: A Writer in the Garden, Eleanor Pernyi led a worldly life before settling down in Connecticut. More Was Lost is a memoir of her youth abroad, written in the early days of World War II, after her return to the United States. In 1937, at the age of nineteen, Pernyi falls in love with a poor Hungarian baron and in short order acquires both a title and a struggling country estate at the edge of the Carpathians. She throws herself into this life with zeal, learning Hungarian and observing the invisible order of the Czech rule, the resentment of the native Ruthenians, and the haughtiness of the dispossessed Hungarians. In the midst of massive political upheaval, Pernyi and her husband remain steadfast in their dedication to their new life, an alliance that will soon be tested by the war. With old-fashioned frankness and wit, Pernyi recounts this poignant tale of how much was gained and how much more was lost.
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More Was Lost: A Memoir | Eleanor Perenyi
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A book that has long been on the to read pile, this memoir was really fascinating, although I found Eleanor to be somewhat detached. But that could easily be a) generational and or b) a pretty natural result of her experiences. And, it turned out to be rather relevant to present day, given that much of the places that she writes about are in present day Ukraine. Definitely a different perspective on the lead up and outbreak of WWII.

jlhammar Sounds good. I went a little crazy yesterday with my NYRB book sale order. Currently 40% off (4 or more)! 2w
quietjenn @jlhammar YES! haha, there are currently I think 8 books sitting in my cart (down from many more). But I am making myself wait until tomorrow before I buy anything. We'll see what I end up with. 2w
kspenmoll Sounds like a read I might like! 1w
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More Was Lost: A Memoir | Eleanor Perenyi
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BarbaraBB I'd love to read 13mo
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Billypar Agreed with the group - these all sound good! I'm going with 13mo
arubabookwoman I'm going with In the Freud Archives. 13mo
GatheringBooks Great choices! Thank you for having this early. I vote for 13mo
Reviewsbylola If voting is still open, I‘m going with 13mo
sarahbarnes Fun! I‘ll vote for Visit to Don Otavio! 13mo
emilyhaldi I‘m always in the mood for a little nonfiction 🤓 my vote goes to 13mo
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youneverarrived So sorry, I did read this and then forgot to comment 🤦‍♀️ all great choices!! I‘ll go for 13mo
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