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Evil Harvest
Evil Harvest: The True Story of Cult Murder in the American Heartland | Rod Colvin
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On a peaceful August morning in 1985, grim-faced FBI agents led a dawn raid on an eighty-acre farm outside Rulo, Nebraska, said to be occupied by a group of religious survivalists led by the charismatic Mike Ryan. What they found on the farm shocked even experienced investigators. For months Ryan's Nebraska neighbors spoke in whispers of gunfire in the night, the disappearance of women and children, neo-Nazis and white supremacists. But little did the locals know what was happening to those Mike Ryan decided to punish for their sins. In Evil Harvest, Rod Colvin re-creates a chilling story of torture, hate, and perversion, and how good, ordinary people could be pulled into a destructive, religious culta cult that committed unthinkable acts in the name of God.
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a good intro to the cult murders in rulo, NE. dragged a bit with the buildup, the writing is very simple and it's not at all my style (read more like a western than anything, imo) but lots of good info on the posse comitatus and rural midwestern cult stirrings in the 80s.