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Reading with Oprah
Reading with Oprah: The Book Club that Changed America | Kathleen Rooney
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Extensive research and an engaging narrative style untangle the myths and presuppositions surrounding the Oprah Book Club and reveal its complex and far-reaching cultural influence, confronting head-on how the club became a crucible for the heated clash between "high" and "low" literary taste, with the most extensive analysis yet of the Oprah Winfrey-Jonathan Franzen contretemps.
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Love or hate the selections, she got American‘s to read more, highlighted lesser know authors, and helped make bookclubs cool 😎

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Saw this at the check out line in ShopRite. About 13 pages of book recs. Think I'm going to get it from the library instead...

Alfoster So many good book recs in it!😍 2y
DivineDiana My daughter put this with my birthday gift! More TBR! 😉 2y
Lmstraubie @DivineDiana Smart daughter 😉 2y
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This is a paragraph from the July issue of the Oprah magazine! Wow!

saresmoore Agreed—wow! 2y
Suet624 This is lovely. 2y
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Got home and Oprah was in my mailbox! Love her magazine, especially the reading recommendations. I always flip there first. They are impressively diverse, and I pay attention to what is recommended and usually end up buying a few (if I haven't already). It's quite a victorious feeling when I'm like, "Yeah, I've read that already" ??. This month's issue is all about BOOKS! Glorious books!!

Who else subscribes to her magazine!?

LauraBrook I used to, and now just get the occasional issue. But I'll be getting this one for sure! 👍🏼 2y
Lola Thanks for posting! This issue is clearly a must-get...right up there with The New Yorker Summer Fiction issue http://www.newyorker.com/magazine 2y
minkyb I usually go to the library and read it but I will want to own this issue. Thanks. 🤗 2y
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MallenNC I love Oprah's summer book issue! I don't read the magazine every month but I always try to get that issue. 2y
Dragon My friend gives me a subscription every year for Christmas 🎄👍 2y
Peddler410 I might need to look for this at Target next time I'm there. 2y
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I love the book review section in Oprah's magazine 😄

DivineDiana Me too! 3y
Alfoster Always turn to that first!❤ 3y
Christine Yes!! Was fun hearing a bit about the origin of the book club on the Making Oprah podcast (though I would have loved to have learned even more). 3y
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Donnasmiles I really want to read Fever Dream....Bohjalian The Sleepwalker is my next! 3y
BooksForEmpathy Same! I wanna post about this too! 3y
Graciouswarriorprincess I always go to the book section first in her magazine. 3y
Ubookquitous Human Acts is intense and amazing, beautiful and haunting, and will stick with you. 3y
Ubookquitous And, I get Oprah's online book club newsletter which weekly gives suggestions and lists. Love it 3y
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