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The Tea Lords
The Tea Lords | Hella S. Haasse
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Rudolf leaves his comfortable origins in Delft by ship for Java to help run the familys estates there. He moves from plantation to plantation, attempting to understand the ways of the local peoples, their version of Islam and their relationship to their land. On a visit to the capital, Jakarta, he falls in love with a teenage girl, Jenny, whom he courts surreptitiously via his sister, with grave consequences for the reality of their relationships. Eventually they marry, and make a hard colonist-couples life theirs, bear, lose and raise children, before Jenny on a visit to the home country discovers all the comforts of which she has been deprived in Java. Back at the plantation homestead, as the back-breaking work of establishing and maintaining a business takes its toll on Rudolf, Jenny becomes estranged from him, and the bitter resentments of relatives eat at her until a terrible solution is achieved.
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The Tea Lords | Hella S. Haasse
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I got these ready and they went out in the post today!!!

@maich @KateReadsYA @sarahbellum @LiseWorks @LapReader @Bookwormjillk @BookBosomed1 @jenniferw88 look for your little notes to arrive within the coming days.

KateReadsYA Woohoo 1mo
sarahbellum Yay! 🎉 1mo
LiseWorks @CrowCAH love the little tea set 1mo
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BookBosomed1 Yea! Love those stickers. 1mo
CrowCAH @BookBosomed1 aren‘t they?! @squirrelbrain makes them!!! She was kind enough to send me four different styles. 1mo
Gissy Lovely tea set😍 1mo
squirrelbrain Glad the stickers are flying around the world! 😁 1mo
CrowCAH @LiseWorks @Gissy thanks! I‘ve had it since I was a little girl. It must have known I‘d grow into a tea woman! 1mo
CrowCAH @squirrelbrain yes, indeed they are! 😁 1mo
maich So beautiful💕 1mo
Gissy @CrowCAH If you have it since your childhood then it is priceless🙌I don‘t see them very often these days. I should look for one set and put it in my bookshelf. It is cute😍I wish I kept some things from childhood because of the emotional meaning they could have 1mo
CrowCAH @Gissy very true; priceless! ☺️ 1mo
jenniferw88 Thank you - received mine today. 4w
CrowCAH @jenniferw88 I‘m impressed, that didn‘t take too much longer than domestic to get to you! You‘re welcome ☺️ 4w
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Heren Van de Thee | Hella S. Haasse

Good introduction to Hella Haasse, interesting story based on true facts. The book made the story come alive.

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