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Weird Oregon: Your Travel Guide to Oregon's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets
Weird Oregon: Your Travel Guide to Oregon's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets | Al Eufrasio, Jefferson Davis
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The Pacific Northwest teems with colorful history and unique legendsand this tour of the Beaver State is no exception! Check out the gas station restroom that looks like cowboy boots as you search the skies for a man flying across the state in a lawn chair tethered to helium balloons. And how about visiting that city in eastern Oregon with a year-round population of zero to two, depending on whether anyone gets trapped in the snow? Can it get any weirder than this!"
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#FunFacts #Oregon

Oregon lays claim to the deepest lake (Crater Lake), the shortest river (the D river), the deepest river gorge (Hell‘s Canyon) and the smallest park (Mill Ends Park). Portland is the home of the most breweries in the US (not surprising) and also the home of the most strip clubs in the nation (What!?!). We also have the most ghost towns, 1/4 of the nation‘s llamas and the hazelnut is our state nut. The only state to have one.

Sparklemn Definitely would not have guess about the strip clubs! 😂 1w
Susanita A state nut. Brilliant! 1w
ChaoticMissAdventures My office is right by Mill Park! 1w
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dabbe Very interesting, and it gives me an idea. We should all have a state NUT that's in our legislature. We can vote for him/her/them every year--kind of like giving out a Darwin award. Yeah, I'm not looking forward to election season. 🤣🤣🤣 1w
Deblovestoread @dabbe. Me, too but I have some prime candidates for the state Nut elections 😂 1w
RebelReader My grandparents lived in Oregon for years. I want to go back and visit because all I got to see was their house when we‘d visit. 😏 1w
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1) So it happened before I was born but the replays and discussion went on for decades after - when Oregon decided to blow up a whale on the beach on live TV. It was a disaster and 50 years later we still all talk about it.

2) Library - I need those due dates!

3) Matilda ❤️

#WonderousWednesday @eggs

Eggs Wow-that‘s new to me! I‘ll look it up...Thanks for joining in ❣️ 2y
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Guys, I found Powell‘s yesterday! 📚 ☕️ #independentbookstores

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One more of the cool storefront.

MuddyPuddle So excited – I‘m going to be in Portland in August. Powells here I come! 5y
Deblovestoread Allot plenty of time, I can spend hours there. 5y
Chrissyreadit @Kdgordon88 Honestly- I was so overwhelmed! I need to go without a four year old!!! 5y
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readordierachel Very cool! I'm gonna be in Portland this weekend and I can't wait to visit Powell's. 5y
Chrissyreadit @ReadOrDieRachel there is some kind of huge used book sale coming up Saturday also! 5y
Nan2 So glad you got to go!!! 5y
Deblovestoread @Chrissyreadit I can understand the overwhelmed feeling! Especially with a youngster. Newbies might do better with a list in hand. 5y
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There was no note in the package, but I suspect it was from my boss in Oregon. She's not dealing well with the news that I got a job here in Minnesota (!) and will no longer be working for her remotely. But I don't think reminding me of how stupid Oregon is will keep me there.

Or it's from my Secret Santa and oops, I opened it early?

LectricSheep The Weird State series is awesome! I'm from NJ, the original "weird" state, and I used to read the Weird NJ magazines and books at 2 am and terrify myself into thinking that creaking sound was the jersey devil clomping around on our (suburban) roof. ?fond memories... 6y
MrBook Yeah @LectricSheep 😎👌🏻🙌🏻! #KindredSpirits 6y
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