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Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen | Joyce Tyldesley
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For over a decade Nefertiti, wife of the heretic king Akhenaten, was the most influential woman in the Bronze Age world; a beautiful queen blessed by the sun-god, adored by her family and worshipped by her people. Her image and her name were celebrated throughout Egypt and her future seemed golden. Suddenly Nefertiti disappeared from the royal family, vanishing so completely that it was as if she had never been. No record survives to detail her death, no monument serves to mourn her passing and to this day her end remains an enigma - her body has never been found. Joyce Tyldesley here provides a detailed discussion of the life and times of Nefertiti, Egypt's sun queen, set against the background of the ephemeral Amarna court.
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#wanderingjune #walklikeanegyptian

Probably the most interesting book I‘ve read this year which shows I‘m more interested in archeology than I realised. Ancient Egypt was such a complex and rich civilisation, and Tyldesley puts this context around what we know of Nefertiti. This book describes the finding and analysis of each artefact that gives any insight into Nefertiti and her family - academic rather than narrative but fascinating.

Cinfhen Nefertiti and Cleopatra have always fascinated me 5mo
Centique @Cinfhen they are fascinating aren‘t they? They reckon the interest in Nefertiti all spun out of the finding of this sculpture which was probably unfinished, still in the sculptors studio. It appeals to modern sensibilities and not to Ancient ones - they would have thought it ugly! 5mo
Freespirit She must have been a beautiful woman...look at those cheek bones! 5mo
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LeahBergen This was such an interesting read. And I posted a Nefertiti book today, too. 😆 5mo
BarbaraBB If you are interested in archeology maybe @TheBookStacker has some bookish recommendations for you, I think I remember that she‘s an archeologist! (edited) 5mo
Centique @BarbaraBB I am here for all the archeology reccs! 5mo
TheBookStacker @BarbaraBB I am an archaeologist! My specialty in school was Roman but now I‘ve turned towards American Indian. My favorite book I‘ve read recently was 5mo
BarbaraBB Thanks @TheBookStacker , this does sound good!! 😘 5mo
Centique @TheBookStacker thanks so much 👍 5mo
CarolynM I had never been all that impressed by Nefertiti when I'd only seen photos of the bust, but when I saw it in real life...!!! It is so beautiful it literally took my breath away. So strange to think it wouldn't have been appreciated when if was made. 5mo
Centique @CarolynM how amazing to see it in real life! 5mo
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Finished this book on a bit of a grey old day in the Hauraki Gulf. Went on a sculpture trail and got soaked with rain!

This was a fascinating look at what is known about Nefertiti and how it is known, from the analysis of statues, carvings and tombs, and the mistakes and discoveries of archaeologists since the early 19th century. I haven‘t read anything about Ancient Egypt since I was a child but this has sparked my interest. Wish we knew more!

LeahBergen I liked this one, too. 8mo
Centique @LeahBergen I saw on GR that you‘d read it! Always makes me optimistic when you‘ve liked a book 😊 8mo
Reggie Oooohhh did they by any chance mention how she and her tribe wrapped/tied their heads to elongate them. (Why?- 👽) And that her tribe also believed they came from the sky. 8mo
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Centique @Reggie there was an explanation of different art styles and that there was a period when it was fashionable to draw the royal family with elongated or egg shaped heads - but they said it was just an art style - that the mummies have normal shaped heads and after a while artists stopped doing the egg shaped heads it seems. 8mo
Centique @Reggie I wonder if that was where that idea came from. She wore a ton of different crowns and wigs though - massive some of them! 8mo
Reggie Lol, um, I‘m sorry, it‘s just I‘m a big fan of Ancient Aliens, this tv show, and her history and the word of mouth, handed down history to her descended present day tribe is fascinating. 8mo
Centique @Reggie ha! 😂😂 There‘s a lot of mythology grown up around her for sure. Ever since they found that beautiful sculpted head in 1912 she became the most popular Egyptian female. Man, the royal families were so inbred though - lots of marrying daughters and sisters 😱😱😱 8mo
LeahBergen @Centique What a lovely compliment coming from YOU! 😘 8mo
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