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Wisconsin's Best Beer Guide
Wisconsin's Best Beer Guide | Kevin Revolinski
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Somewhere in Wisconsin there is a pint of beer with your name on it. Your mission: Find it! Don't make Wisconsin beer come looking for you! Set out on a pils-grimage to pay homage to the great people and places that bring you Wisconsin's finest liquid joy. From a tiny homemade brewery hidden on the Northwoods all the way up to megabrewer MillerCoors, this road-trip manual takes you on a thirst-quenching adventure while stopping at all the fish fries and fresh cheese curds along the way. Inside you will find: Listings and directions for all the current breweries History and facts about brewing and drinking A calendar of beer festivals and listings for brew clubs Signature pages to record your visits Special offers from participating brewers (often free beer) Things to do/eat/see a short stumble away from the brewery Lots of pretty pictures to make that reading part less stressful Get this book into your glove compartment. You never know when you might need it! Support Wisconsin brewers by knocking back a few the next time you're in town!
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Wisconsin's Best Beer Guide | Kevin Revolinski
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#notbookrelated | You guys! My husband had to travel to Wisconsin for work this week and brought me the best Valentine‘s gift! (I‘m pretty low maintenance). 😆 I haven‘t had Spotted Cow since we moved from the Milwaukee area 6 years ago. It‘s my favorite beer in the whole world. 🍻💘 #happyvalentinesday

kspenmoll 🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉 10mo
Djspens I like Spotted Cow! 10mo
FashionableObserver I had it for the first time Thanksgiving weekend and I love it! Enjoy! 10mo
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JackOBotts 🍻🥰 10mo
emtobiasz I went to college in southern Wisconsin and really miss Spotted Cow 🐄 10mo
CouronneDhiver Woohoo! 🍻 10mo
BookishMarginalia Enjoy! 10mo
Christine Yessssss! 10mo
BibliOphelia My siblings are in the Madison area - Spotted Cow is yummy! 10mo
ChasingOm It‘s so good! I got jellybeans and a book — low maintenance for the win! 😂 10mo
JenReadsAlot Cheers! I had a spotted cow for dinner tonight 😊 10mo
Bookishthoughts Aww💗 10mo
britt_brooke @ChasingOm I love that! We‘ve never been ones for extravagant gifts. 10mo
britt_brooke @BibliOphelia It‘s as good as I remembered! 10mo
britt_brooke @emtobiasz It‘s as good as I remembered! 10mo
britt_brooke @FashionableObserver It‘s as good as I remembered! 10mo
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