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Nobel Prize Winners
Nobel Prize Winners: An H.W. Wilson Biographical Dictionary | Tyler Wasson, Gert H. Brieger
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Presents detailed accounts of the lives and work of the 566 men, women, and institutions that earned the Nobel Prize from its inception in 1901 through 1986.
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Not a single woman won the Nobel this year. That's not unusual:

14 women winners in literature. 48 women have won a Nobel prize ever. No woman has won the physics prize for 50 years. 800 prizes have been awarded. Not a great track record, is it?

Do better, #NobelPrize committees.

TheWellReadOwl Agreed!!! 3y
TheWellReadOwl Very disappointing this year. And overall. 😕 3y
rachellayown This is really upsetting to me. 3y
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thesaurusrex Yeah, pretty big disappointment 3y
BooksGirlsCats I do love the "Nobel prize winning pose with head on hands" though 3y
kdwinchester Preach it. 3y
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I'm sorry, but no. A songwriter, no matter how gifted or influential, should not even have been eligible for consideration for a Nobel Prize for Literature, let alone won it. Just no. (The excerpt in the photo is from the Reuters news article, which is worth a read: http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKCN12D1A1 )

JustTrish Idk- I don't see how it's any different from a poet. But to each his own. 3y
BooksGirlsCats I liked the argument (I think in the guardian) that poetry was originally performed with music- and that as such we can consider Dylan a "Homeric" poet. I also agree that he is a great example of "outstanding work in an ideal direction"... but having said all that I still struggle with it a bit 3y
Kimzey This news made my day! 🏅👍🏻 3y
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clconn17 I agree. Song lyrics are not considered literature. 3y
BooksGirlsCats I do wonder if perhaps they were planning on choosing Joyce Carol Oates and had to change their minds after the recent twitter-ISIS debacle... 3y
BookishMarginalia @sarahnicoloff and @JustTrish My issue is not with Bob Dylan and his talent; he deserves congratulations. My issue is with the Nobel Committee itself, and, really, with the fact that songwriters have many more venues to be recognized for their talent and artistry than other writers do. This has opened the door for other talented songwriters to be considered and chosen, instead of poets, novelists, short story writers, essayists, etc. 3y
BookishMarginalia And the fact that the Nobel Committee would like a concert from him instead of the traditional lecture just makes me crazy. 3y
gibblr I was going to say that I agree with songs being a form of poetry. However, after your last comment I understand where you're coming from! 3y
Chessa @BookishMarginalia I'm with you. I couldn't be more bored by this choice. 3y
BookishMarginalia @BooksGirlsCats I agree with that. And I do teach my students to see lyrics as poetry. But it breaks my heart a little that the main honor for writers --the most prestigious and well-remunerated award-- has been given to someone whose profession, whose life, is not in literature (again, no disrespect to Bob Dylan or his outsized talent and work). 3y
BooksGirlsCats @BookishMarginalia I definitely agree with your point about avenues for recognition, and setting precedents for future choices, I hadn't thought about it from that angle...and I hate that they've requested a concert rather than a lecture! 3y
sparklemotion I completely agree. He is talented, his music is art. But what about all the writers in the lit world that are insanely talented and are not even noticed? 😐 3y
StacksNShelves I'm happy for him either way, but that's the fan in me talking. But at the same time, I agree. What about Nabokov, Joyce and Virginia Woolf? 3y
rachellayown I agree too. I've been arguing with my husband about this all night. Yes, Dylan is talented and poetic, but I wholeheartedly believe in everything you said. 3y
Larkken I'm of two minds. I'm... Well, tbh, pi**ed at the committee anyway (no women, really?), but a large number of my international friends have been really excited about this choice, as he is/was one of the first American artists whose work resonated with their own experiences. This made the choice feel more nuanced... But I am happy to agree with you that in general, the times are not a-changing in a super impressive way. 3y
Arcana I disagree with the committee, not the talent. I don't think this award should have gone to Dylan. 3y
Notafraidofwords @BookishMarginalia 👌👍🏽👌🏽👏🏽🙌🏼 amen 3y
brendanmleonard I have been thinking about this all day, and while the fan part of me is excited, I also can see why, ultimately, it's not the best choice. I think what it comes down to is that Dylan wouldn't have been Dylan without the music - that snare in Rolling Stone is as important/influential as the lyrics, and that (as many writers pointed out) this kind of does a disservice to the international lit community/publishers of translations. 3y
JustTrish @BookishMarginalia I see your point! 3y
MMenefee Yes! It appears to me as some sort of stunt by the cte. (Disclaimer: I loathe Dylan, but that's due to his vomitous delivery.) 3y
Nonaroo I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who feels this way! 3y
audiothing I believe his poetry stands shoulder to shoulder with the best and way above most. Words are words whether set to music or not. He felt the words and he wrote the words 3y
IndyHannaJones Explain how lyrics and poetry are different. One of my favorite English classes in college took time to study Bruce Springstein's songs. Dylan's works were and continue to be incredibly influential. To deny that they art because they are also considered Rock and roll music could be interpreted, as dare I say it, rather elitist. 3y
IndyHannaJones I don't want to be difficult because everyone is entitled to their own feelings. I personally enjoy this. I've seen the ways Dylan's works have touched, influenced, United generations of people across oceans of differences. So, yes there are other deserving people...as with any competition...but this is an award that says to that 60s protestor and that lost kid listening to records in the garage today that this is special and important. 3y
Gleefulreader There is a fantastic New York Times article on this that basically summarized it as Bob Dylan did not need a Nobel Prize in literature but literature definitely needs a Nobel prize, and that this year they didn't get that. 3y
Susannah I'm intrigued by the choice. I never thought the Nobel committee would consider someone whose writing was expressed the way Dylan's is. Everything said here, for and against, has been so thoughtful, but to me, this is a valid choice--even a bit innovative. 3y
audiothing @StacksNShelves in response to your post, the Nobel prizes cannot be awarded to dead people, only if they die after the awardee has been decided upon. 3y
mamaguru @Hyaeger Lyrics can be poetic, but they aren't poetry. The addition of music changes the genre. 3y
audiothing Changes genre eh? Oh well, Bob Dylan has won the prize and I'm very happy about that 3y
StacksNShelves @audiothing Sorry, I guess I didn't know that. I just read a brief bit online about authors "snubbed" of the prize. ? 3y
I-read-and-eat @Gleefulreader I have to agree with that article. Instead of people running to the bookstore to get a book of the new Nobelprice winner, boosting book sales and maybe even get more people to read. It will now just boost Bob Dylan album sales, which he does not need at all. He is hugely succesful. I feel like the book industry needs this more. 3y
andreadmw Agreed. Not to belittle his accomplishments, but his accomplishments should be recognized in the music arena, not books. 3y
Jokila @I-read-and-eat very true 3y
minkyb Interesting reading all these points of view. 3y
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Never expected, but: YEAH 💕💕💕