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Cosmoknights | Hannah Templer
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Thank you so much @CoffeeNBooks for such a sweet holiday package! I definitely needed a pick me up this week. I definitely needed some coffee and new lotion and chapstick! And a graphic novel is just what I need for this season! ❤️ #litsylove

MoonWitch94 Beekman 1802 products are some of my FAVORITES!!!! 😍 16h
CoffeeNBooks Yay! Enjoy, my friend! Thanks for helping keep my spirits up this year! 💗 14h
CoffeeNBooks @MoonWitch94 I love everything Beekman! 💛 14h
MoonWitch94 @CoffeeNBooks Same! I want to go to their store in Upstate NY! 🤩 14h
Bookgoil @CoffeeNBooks thank you too it‘s been great to chat so much 💕 13h
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Angel on the Square | Gloria Whelan

This book won the Phoenix Award! This book is a good read. This book to me would be for a slightly older group. Just not sure if this is something Kindergartens could really comprehend. Looks like a great book though.

Victoria | Daisy Goodwin
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#Movie2BookRecs @Klou
Prompt: The Queen

I have the hardcover of Victoria. It has been on my TBR read list for a long time. So many books to read!🙄

King and King | Linda de Haan

March 1st, 2003
This book is all about a king trying to find his queen. After meeting all these potential women to be his queen, the king decided that he likes one of the women‘s brothers better. He decides that he would be happier marrying him, so that is what he does.

Angel on the Square | Gloria Whelan

Author: Gloria Square
Published: 2001
Genre: fiction
Awards: Phoenix Award
This story is about a young girl during the years leading up to the Russian Revolution. It shows both sides of the revolution in a sympathetic light.

R Is for Rebel | Megan Mulry
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#manicmonday #LetterR @CBee @RaeLovesToRead

📖 Remains of the Day
✍️ Tom Robbins
📺 Ramy 🎥 Rushmore
🎤 The Ramones
🎵 Ride the Lightning (Metallica), Russian Satellite (Mighty Sparrow)

fredamans Ramones 🤘 3d
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The Duchess of Whimsy | Randall de Sve

“ The Duchess of Whimsy was known throughout the land for her extravagant soirées, her elaborate attire, her uncommon conversation and her most peculiar pets and acquaintances“

Party Princess | Meg Cabot
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Linear When I was in nursing school I read this series for something light and easy. One moment I'd be stressing and freaking out about a case study or presentation I had to give. And then I would read her stories about how she's freaking about prom or boys or princess stuff that was ridiculous, and it just helped me mellow out to handle school work better. ❤️Memories. 6d
CoffeeNBooks @Linear This was a great series! My daughter loved them so I read them also. Now they're in my classroom library- I've had several students read them over the years. 6d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Sounds good 💞 6d
Eggs 💗🤍💗 6d
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Madame de Pompadour: A Life | Evelyne Lever, Catherine Temerson
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The Girl in the #Fireplace is still my favourite ever Doctor Who episode, which is centred around Madame de Pompadour. Never tire of watching it.


@Eggs @AlwaysBeenALoverOfBooks


Eggs Perfect 🤩 1w
peanutnine Such a great episode! 💖 7d
Andrew65 @peanutnine Glad I‘m not alone in loving it. 7d
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julesG One of my favourite episodes, too. 7d
Andrew65 @julesG Great minds think alike. 😁 7d
CaitZ This is also one of my favorite episodes. 7d
Andrew65 @CaitZ It seems there is a good few of us. 😁 7d
KathyWheeler My favorites are the werewolf one and the one with Vincent Van Gogh. This one ranks up there too. Also the Christmas Carol one. (edited) 7d
Andrew65 @KathyWheeler All good episodes. 7d
rwmg Like all the beat episodes, it's scary, it's funny, and it breaks your heart 7d
Andrew65 @rwmg It certainly did that. 😢 7d
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