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My upcoming romcom is now on NetGalley and I have free ARC downloads for anyone interested who isn't on NetG.

A LOL enemies to lovers about a recently divorced woman who keeps running into her childhood nemesis, the town deputy.

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Untitled | Unknown
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Today was a good mail day.

Danielle - I got my #HHS box! Thank you. 🖤 I can‘t wait to open it. 🎃

I also got this super cute #romancereads pillow from Lucy Eden‘s Teespring shop.

And I had to share that one of my fave puzzle companies, BetterCo, saw my IG reel showing off my BetterCo collection (I own all of them) & they sent me a puzzle that‘s not available as a thank you! 💜🧩

TheAromaofBooks I LOVE that puzzle!!! 4mo
Mollyanna I love the puzzle too! I‘ll have to check them out. 4mo
wanderinglynn @TheAromaofBooks @Mollyanna me too! BetterCo has done fantastic puzzles. 💚🧩 4mo
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marleed So cool that BetterCo reached out to you and that pillow is great! 4mo
wanderinglynn @marleed yes, that was amazing that they did that. 😀 4mo
LindaLaforgeAuthor New to Litsy and intrigued about your parcel. Are folks sharing books? And what better to rest a weary head than on a pillow of love-like-ness :) 4mo
wanderinglynn @LindaLaforgeAuthor this package is from a swap. Swaps are themed (in this case, my #HauntedHollowSwap is Halloween-themed). Littens sign up via a form, filling out their preferences. The the swap host matches people. When you receive your match, you “stalk” your match, buying books, bookish goodies, treats that go with your match‘s preferences and the swap theme. Then we all wait for opening day to post what we received from our match 👇🏻 4mo
wanderinglynn Swaps are super fun. In previous swaps, I‘ve received books I might not normally have picked up. My swap‘s opening date is Oct 30, so you‘ll be able to see what it‘s all about as everyone will post the boxes. - There aren‘t any swaps open right now, but keep your eyes open. There‘s usually a few Christmas/winter holiday themed ones. (edited) 4mo
LindaLaforgeAuthor @wanderinglynn thankyou for the explanation. Sounds great fun. Sadly I live in Bulgaria where you have a greater chance of reading cyrillic than actually receiving parcels!!! 4mo
wanderinglynn @LindaLaforgeAuthor oh that‘s too bad. 4mo
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My Dear Sophy | Kimberly Truesdale
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The #SeptemberRoundUp doesn't include as many books as I'd like, but I'm going to say that 14 isn't bad for a month when I had three major work events, plus a road trip. Most of my reading was for the #PemberLittens, but of course I had a few #RomanceReads and my #PersephonePick was the best of the bunch. In fact, I predict it may be the best of my year!

The Love Hypothesis | Ali Hazelwood
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⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ —> New Book Review!♥️
🍀Full stop, Ali Hazelwood is now an auto buy author for me
If you need the best kind of “de-stress reads” and enjoy romance in any capacity. Give this book a go.
🥰You will not regret it.
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Don't Let Go | Jaci Burton
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New Book Review!!
#JaciBurton #DontLetGo
My brain is handling light reads better right now and this one hit the spot 🙌🏻Fun and quick with an adorable puppy and a bakery 😍
This did make me miss going out and doing things tho 😂😭 However, it was a wonderful break from fantasy, non fiction, and heavier reads.
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 💫

#ashesofabookdragon #book #bookreview #bookworm #bookblogger #bookcommunity #RomanceReads

The Kiss Quotient | Helen Hoang

This book is so sweet and steamy. Did not think I would enjoy modern romance but I really do! Only 25% in and I‘m looking forward to continuing!

#helenhoang #thekissquotient #romancereads

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It‘s August!!! Where are the months going???
I read lots of good books in July & discovered a secret passion for #RomanceReads 🙄I can‘t believe it!!!!!
My first read of August is turning out to be fabulous....loving Rodham 🧡

Cortg I really enjoyed Sittenfeld's novel, American Wife! I have Rodham on my neverending TBR virtual shelf! 1y
squirrelbrain I‘ve seen mixed reviews for Rodham, but would like to try it still.... good to see that you‘re loving it! 1y
Cinfhen I‘m not sure why the critics panned RODHAM @squirrelbrain @Cortg so far it‘s exceeding my expectations...although the bar wasn‘t set that high😁I did really enjoy American Wife & it feels similar in tone & style ❤️ 1y
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Kalalalatja Secret passions make your reading life exciting! Just go with it 😉 1y
Cinfhen Thanks @Kalalalatja I picked up the titles for a summer challenge but I‘m actually enjoying them 😍it‘s definitely not a genre I could read all the time but it‘s working for now 😉💞 1y
Kalalalatja I could imagine! Did you do them on audio? 😊 1y
Cinfhen Yup!!! @Kalalalatja All but one, which was my favorite 1y
Kalalalatja Just read the blurb, and it sounds lovely! I‘ll try and find it at my library 🤞 1y
Cinfhen It was a lot less romance and more historical fiction @Kalalalatja I really LOVED IT 1y
Kalalalatja Sounds great! My current reading mood is all about historical fiction, fantasy and interesting NF, so it sounds like it‘ll fit right in 🙌 1y
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Visible Empire | Hannah Pittard
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I‘m iffy on writer Hannah Pittard but I feel like it‘s time to shift away from all my #RomanceReads 😛Based on true events, in the summer of 1962, a charted flight transporting Atlanta‘s cultural elite crashed killing all but 2 flight attendants. This is a story before, during & after the disaster.

Suet624 Never heard of this! 1y
Cinfhen I‘ll let u know @Suet624 I‘m about an hour in and I‘m not really engaged 🙄 1y
Suet624 Gotcha. Good to know. 1y
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Axel: A Novel | Harper Sloan, Brenda Wright, Samantha Sykula
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Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to.

#axel #harpersloan #romance #mylitaryromance #romancy #romancereads #ebook #kindlebook #openbooks #lotsylovr

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I saw a #stpatricksday reading list and the first thing I thought was this book should be on it. It was a fun, quirky, contemporary romance with a hint of a mystery. The dialogue and wit charmed me and reminded me of all the time I spent in Ireland.
#irishreads #romancereads #romanticcomedy #ireland