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Salt. | Nayyirah Waheed
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i rarely read poetry.
waheed may

#page24ofcurrentread #weneeddiversebooks #nonwhiteprotagonist

BookishFeminist This one is similar and I have it through our Scribd account 6y
TrishB I just got this last night and haven't had chance to read yet. I second @BookishFeminist Milk and Honey is excellent too. 6y
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Jackaby | William Ritter
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#readjanuary Day 24 - I'm currently about halfway through this one and enjoying it. #page24ofcurrentread

Texreader On my tbr list 6y
Bookzombie @Texreader 🙂 Two Texans up sort of late. 6y
Texreader @Bookzombie I was thinking that when I saw your posts. My insomnia woke me up so here I am!! 6y
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Bookzombie @Texreader I'm sorry you are up with insomnia. I'm just going to bed here. I tend to be a night owl on the weekends. 6y
Texreader Have a great weekend! Mine is packed but sometime we need to do a bookstore meet up 6y
Bookzombie @Texreader You have a great weekend too! Yes, we do. 🙂 6y
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Modern Lovers | Emma Straub
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#ReadJanuary #BookandYourFaveSnack My snack of choice is hummus and tortilla chips. ☺️ #Page24ofCurrentRead is when I find out that "Dust" is a name. ?#SlowRead is this book!!! I clumped some days together so I could catch up again! ?

The Fifth Season | N. K. Jemisin
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#page24ofcurrentread Children are the undoing of us. Thoroughly enjoying the book!

Karen_V It's so good! 6y
Daisey My hold just came in on this book! I can't wait to read it! 6y
Anitta @Karen_V I love it! My work reads are piling up because I can't put it down :) 6y
Anitta @Daisey hope you enjoy it ♡ 6y
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#page24ofcurrentread was blank 🙀 but 25 of The Four Agreements is a great one for a mention 😇 'Be impeccable with your word.'

Lmstraubie Love this little book! 6y
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I'm reading #hpchapteraday and this is page 24! #day24 #page24ofcurrentread #readjanuary

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#readjanuary #page24ofcurrentread #slowread
I loved Backman's other works, but this one is slow moving for me.

802Librarian My library patrons liked this one the least out of all of his books. 6y
ErikasMindfulShelf This one is my favorite. 6y
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#readjanuary #day24 #page24ofcurrentread This is my current book, this is book 19 in the Phryne Fisher series. Only one more book and I'm at the end of her fascinating stories. I really hope she writes some more, I'm pretty sure she is still writing but the last book was published in 2013!😬#Phryneappreciationclub

LeeRHarry I have been waiting, waiting for the next book to come out, usually she is a bit more prolific than this!!!! 6y
Lizpixie @LeeRHarry I know! I hope she's not sick. Actually, I think she was so involved with the tv series and the upcoming movie that maybe she just didn't have the time yet? I hope!🤞 6y
Wife Upcoming movie?!?! I haven't heard about this. I love the series and have put the first book (I'm going to try the audiobook) on hold at the library. 6y
Bibliogirl I hadn't heard about a movie! 6y
Lizpixie @Wife @Bibliogirl they got so many letters & emails about the way the series ends that they were deciding on doing a movie to wrap it all up. I'm pretty sure that it's going ahead. Can't wait!🙌 6y
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