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Whose Body? | Dorothy L. Sayers
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I've read a bunch of Sayers but not this one, so am excited to hang out with this over the weekend for the #GoldenAgeCrimeClub @Mitch

Ruthiella It‘s so short! I‘d never read it before either but thought at first I‘d gotten an abridged version by mistake. 😂 1mo
batsy @Ruthiella I know, I was a bit confused at first when I received my copy! The Dover edition has smaller print so it's an extra slim book 😆 1mo
TrishB I love your mug 😁 1mo
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rockpools What @TrishB said! 1mo
batsy @TrishB @rockpools Thanks! The day doesn't feel right if I don't drink out of my Snoopy mug 😆 1mo
Aimeesue Mad Snoopy 😆 1mo
batsy @Aimeesue The frown! 😁 1mo
Mitch Yeah - looking forward to chatting soon! 1mo
jlhammar Yay! I'll be starting this soon - can't wait! 1mo
batsy @Mitch @jlhammar It's started off well! 1mo
dabbe @TrishB Same here! ☕️ 1mo
merelybookish Mug is perfect! 😂 1mo
batsy @dabbe @merelybookish Cheers to Snoopy, who can never do wrong really 😁 1mo
dabbe @batsy The coolest beagle in town. #longlivetheredbaron 🤣 1mo
batsy @dabbe That's right! 😆 1mo
Graywacke Snoopy! Great mug. Enjoy the book. 1mo
batsy @Graywacke Thanks 🙂 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Love the mug! 1mo
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