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Well hello there new friend. I'm not intimidated by you at all. #liesitellmyself #slowread #currentread

And, this could totally work as an #eclecticchristmasread! Here's my reasoning. Christmas is in December. December is cold. Revenge is a dish best served cold. 👏 @RealLifeReading

Bklover Sound logic! 5y
RealLifeReading Hahah! Love that! 5y
vlwelser That is one of my all-time favorites. Plus you'll get body builder muscles from lugging it around. ☺ 5y
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JamieArc This is #1 on my list for #yearofthechunkster that I‘m doing for 2018! It‘s been on my TBR forever! 5y
diovival @Bklover @RealLifeReading that was my make it work moment 😂 5y
diovival @vlwelser maybe I should celebrate finishing with a pull-up 💪 5y
diovival @JamieArc Great challenge idea! This will be my first Dumas. 5y
HannaPolkadots Nothing to be intimidated by! It is kind and caring and takes good care of its readers 😉 5y
vlwelser Lol. Definitely. 5y
diovival @HannaPolkadots I hope so! This must be the biggest book I've ever read. 5y
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Death or Ice Cream? | Gareth P. Jones
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#liesitellmyself Saturday edition: I won't eat all of this ice cream (Heath bar & roasted pecans) in one sitting.

Hollie Yum! 5y
vivastory @Hollie It's one of my favorites 5y
Redwritinghood I would have eaten it all, too. Sounds delicious. 😊 5y
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Moray_Reads Looks like it was made for one sitting! 5y
vivastory @Moray_Reads I knew I could count on my fellow snack enabler 😂 5y
vivastory @Redwritinghood Very delicious! 5y
readinginthedark That's just one cup! I'd hate to think what you'd say when I eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting... 🙈 5y
saresmoore Gosh, I could go for something frozen right about now! It's stupid hot today. I certainly don't blame you for finishing this deliciousness! 5y
RealBooks4ever Mmm, ice cream! 🍦 5y
kalinichta That sounds so flipping good. 5y
vivastory @readinginthedark I've done that before with Ben and Jerry's 😬 5y
vivastory @saresmoore You can't catch a break with the weather! 5y
vivastory @kalinichta Definitely recommend! 5y
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Superior Donuts | Tracy Letts
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I will only have one Krispy Kreme donut...

Louise Is that possible??? 5y
Books_Wine_Repeat But why? 😉 5y
vivastory @louise @Books_Wine_Repeat Obviously we need more scientific testing performed before we jump to any silly one donut rules! 😂 5y
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JacqMac Good luck with that. 😂 5y
RealBooks4ever 😆Ha! 5y
Hobbinol There is a Krispy Kreme next to the library where I work and it takes a lot of will power to walk through that aromatic cloud of yeast and sugar and flashing neon: Hot & Now! 5y
Louise As we all know, science requires repeated experimentation. Let me know if you need any help with your investigation! 😂 5y
vivastory @hobbinol That's tough. I applaud your restraint! 👏 👏 5y
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