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I think I need another bookshelf. I hadn't bought books in awhile and now I have a bunch I bought, won, or got in swaps. #blameitonlitsy #shelfie
The top is my Walking Dead shelf. I need to do a Harry Potter one too.
#thewalkingdead #harrypotter #ineedtoorganize

Traci1 Grrr. My phone is too small to read all the titles. 😉 2y
melyndarae @Traci1 Lol. The middle shelf is all hidden by the ones in front anyway. Haha. You'd like the top though. I have 2 Tardis up there. 2y
Traci1 I like everything I can actually see. ☺ I've read all the Walking Deads but only own a few. Most I read on Hoopla. That's a nice collection. 2y
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melyndarae @Traci1 I wasn't thinking how big an investment I was getting into with The Walking Dead volumes. I kind of wish I'd done the compendiums but then I'd have to wait even longer between. I've already had stuffed ruined just waiting for the next volume lol. I haven't finished vol. 28 yet. 2y
melyndarae Oh and thanks! I've misplaced a bunch over the years. Plus I have some unwanteds in a tub that I'll probably donate to the library. 2y
Traci1 Idk if it costs more, but I like what you have more than the compendiums. I've read a couple that way checking them out from the library. And maybe it's because they were library books and a bit sticky (what are people doing when they read library books?!?), but they just don't feel right. They're very cumbersome. 2y
melyndarae @Traci1 Eww. Lol. And yea that's true. It is definitely less cumbersome. It's just a bummer to finish and have to wait 6 months. I think I need to reread. I love matching up or using it to speculate about the show. 2y
Traci1 Yeah the waiting stinks. I have bought a few of the individual issues, but I don't get by enough to get them usually, so the trade graphic works well enough. And Hoopla has been good about having them right after they come out, so it works. I'd rather have the physical copy than borrow the e-copy, but it's free so I can't complain...too much. 2y
melyndarae @Traci1 Yea I bought 2 on kindle then it bothered me I didn't have a complete set lol. So my husband bought them for me. Yea free is nice lol. 2y
RainyDayReading My Harry Potter shelf is decidedly pathetic 😅 I really need to up my Harry Potter collecting. 2y
melyndarae @RainyDayReading Mine just got some additions thanks to some swaps. Plus I have 4 funkos but I leave them in the box. But I feel I also need to up my collecting lol. 2y
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