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The Memory Police | Yoko Ogawa
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Finished this one for the #LMPBC. My feelings about this book are all over the map. It's beautifully written (& kudos to the translator) & as an allegory? fable? it is chilling & very relevant, especially considering it was written in 1994 - but then maybe the issues it raises are always relevant. At times I found it almost tedious and maybe a bit obvious. I'm not quite sure how to put it. But I'll be thinking about it, so for that a pick!

Mogoeg @Hestapleton @Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces #GroupD I'm so sorry I fell behind - I got sick over the holidays. I did finally finish and I will mail it out tomorrow or Thursday Priority Mail! Looking forward to my next read. 3w
Hestapleton @Mogoeg @Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces I‘m mailing mine out tomorrow! Mental health has been bad this month which makes errands hard. Sorry! 2w
MeesesPieces @Mogoeg @Hazel2019 @Hestapleton no worries! Take your time! It‘s been challenging for me as well. I was sick too and my mom just lost her dog so I haven‘t been able to focus. What a year so far! 2w
Hazel2019 @Mogoeg @Hestapleton @MeesesPieces I just realized I haven‘t mailed mine. Will go out on Saturday and @Mogoeg should have it Monday /Tuesday at the latest. 2w
Hazel2019 @Mogoeg you will have the next book on Monday! 😊 2w
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Scythe | Neal Shusterman
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My first December read...so excited! 😃 Reading this as part of #LMPBC #GroupD with @Hestapleton @MeesesPieces @Mogoeg

juliegumdrop I am considering reading this book with my library book club. 2mo
silkcaramel Read Scythe and LOVED IT, can't wait to pick up the rest of the trilogy! 1mo
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The Memory Police | Yōko Ogawa
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@Hazel2019 - This beauty arrived today, along with the lovely bookmark - Thank you! I'm excited to read it!

I'll be finishing up Waste Tide tonight or tomorrow and send it on its way by the end of the week.

#LMPBC #GroupD @MeesesPieces @Hestapleton

Hazel2019 Yay! 😀 Glad it got there so quick! 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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@Mogoeg The #LMPBC #GroupD book I was reading (Memory Police) is on its way to you!! 😁

Red Clocks: A Novel | Leni Zumas
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Hazel2019 Yes! 4mo
Mogoeg Yes! Thank you! 4mo
MeesesPieces @yes awesome thank you! 4mo
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Hazel2019 @Mogoeg @Hestapleton @MeesesPieces hi! For those of you that have done this before...when we send the book on at the end of the month what‘s the expectation...send just the book?, throw something else in? I was looking at some other posts and couldn‘t figure that part out hmm 🤔 3mo
Hestapleton @Hazel2019 it varies! I usually send just the book because money is tight and I‘m usually late in sending it lol. But I‘ve been sent socks and post its, just little trinkets. Totally up to you! 3mo
Hazel2019 Thanks @Hestapleton Makes sense. 3mo
MeesesPieces I‘ve received little trinkets like candy or bookmarks. I usually throw a little something in for the first time. But it‘s really up to you. Just sending the book is fine also 😊 3mo
MeesesPieces @Hazel2019 @Hestapleton @Mogoeg I sent you all a library book pouch thingy for your books through snail mail. 😊I also sent an email about it but I‘m unsure if you received it because I didn‘t hear anything. No worries if you didn‘t. Just wanted to let you know 😊 3mo
Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces @Hestapleton @Mogoeg can‘t wait for the library book pouch! I‘m all done reading my book at this point (it‘s under 300 pages). How much do you guys mark up? I didn‘t really mark up a ton. 3mo
Hestapleton @Hazel2019 I just mark up anything that sticks out to me that‘s funny or interesting or worth taking about. Some books it‘s more than others. Follow your heart. :) 3mo
MeesesPieces @Hazel2019 I do exactly what @Hestapleton does as well! 😊 3mo
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Parable of the Sower | Octavia E. Butler
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Okay #GroupD here are some new suggestions for #LMPBC. I‘ve tagged them all below if you want to look into them. Anything jumping out at you?

Hestapleton Maybe tends a bit more sci-fi, but it‘s such a classic. 4mo
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Mogoeg Hi Group! I was thinking about The Red Clocks as well. I read Parable years ago but am probably due for a reread. California sounds intriguing. I‘ve never read War of the Worlds. 4mo
Hestapleton @Mogoeg are the tagged books ones you are thinking about? I did recently read Future Home of the Living God, so I would prefer one of the others. 4mo
Mogoeg This one looks intriguing too. Sorry about the multiple tags I still haven‘t quite mastered Litsy 4mo
Mogoeg They‘re ones I thought we could. But it seems like we all have a book to start - or did we take The Testaments off the list because someone was already reading it? (edited) 4mo
MeesesPieces @Mogoeg I‘ve read future home and I had started the testaments for another book club. The others sound great! 4mo
Hestapleton @Mogoeg yeah I was going to do Testaments but since @MeesesPieces already started, I was going to do one of these! Just wanted to see if anyone had preference. 4mo
MeesesPieces @hestapleton @mogoeg I also read war of the worlds (sorry I read a lot) but I‘ve always wanted to read Red Clocks and The Unit. 😀 4mo
Hestapleton Okay unless @Hazel2019 has already done it, I‘ll do Red Clocks! The Unit looks interesting, but I don‘t have it and I try not to buy books as the holidays approach. 😬 @MeesesPieces @Mogoeg (edited) 4mo
Hazel2019 @Hestapleton @mogoeg @MeesesPieces Red Clocks looks great! I was going to say that I‘d really like to read that one. So do we have all of our books decided? 4mo
Hestapleton I think so! I‘ll make and post a graphic to confirm. (edited) 4mo
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Dystopia | Richard Christian Matheson
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I was going to sit out the next round of #LMPBC to focus on the remaining books for my reading challenges BUT I couldn‘t resist a whole group for Dystopia—one of my favorite genres! There are still some slots available, if you want to sign up! Fellow #GroupD groupies, sound off in the comments! I‘m excited to start picking books!


Hazel2019 I‘m part of the group, got some ideas for a book, will come back and comment with those in a bit. Can‘t wait!! 4mo
Hazel2019 So I‘m thinking of choosing the Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa - it‘s new this year — what do you think? 4mo
Hestapleton @Hazel2019 ooo that‘s on my TBR! I‘m thinking about THE TESTAMENTS (which is 420 pages) if y‘all haven‘t read it yet. We will have to see what the others say! 4mo
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Hazel2019 @Hestapleton haven‘t read it yet but want to! 420 pages is reasonable in my opinion. How do we find out who else is in this group? I see names but not Litsy handles. 4mo
Hestapleton @Hazel2019 @suvata will email us once all the groups are closed with everyone‘s Litsy name, email, and address so we can figure out book and where to send things. 4mo
Mogoeg @Hestapleton @Hazel2019 I‘m in this group too! I‘m excited and up for The Testaments. I was also thinking about Waste Tide - recently translated from Chinese, or The Memory Police - a Japanese novel that I‘ve heard good things about. 4mo
Hestapleton @Mogoeg yay welcome! I know @Hazel2019 was thinking about Memory Police and Waste Tide looks SO INTERESTING. 4mo
Hazel2019 @Mogoeg welcome! Yes, how about I do Memory Police and you do Waste Tide? I‘d love to read it, this is going to be great 😁 4mo
Mogoeg @Hazel2019 Oh, sorry! I didn't see your previous comment. Yes, that sounds perfect. I'll put myself down for Waste Tide. 🤓 4mo
Hestapleton There is still one more of us—I think it‘s @MeesesPieces ? Did I guess right? Have any thoughts about our selections either way? Lol @Hazel2019 @Mogoeg (edited) 4mo
Hazel2019 @Hestapleton @MeesesPieces @Mogoeg no worries! No final decisions on books until we all have a chance to opine 😁 4mo
MeesesPieces Hi everyone!! Looking forward to reading everyone‘s books! 4mo
Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces what book are you thinking of picking? @Mogoeg @Hestapleton 4mo
MeesesPieces @Hazel2019 I‘m not sure yet. I‘m still trying to narrow it down. I have too many haha! What about you? And @Mogoeg @Hestapleton 4mo
Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces check out the other comments in this threat 😊 let us know what you think! 4mo
MeesesPieces @hazel2019 Sorry I didn‘t realize there were more comments! 😊 4mo
MeesesPieces @hazel2019 @hestapleton @mogoeg I am about a quarter way into The Testaments right now. Are we choosing standalones only? And is YA dystopia ok or adult only? Either way is fine just narrowing all of my options. 😀 4mo
Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces I‘d love to read some YA dystopia so I say include it as you‘re narrowing down options... @Hestapleton @Mogoeg what do you guys think? 😀 4mo
Mogoeg @Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces I‘m fine with YA. Stand-alone or the first volume of a series is probably best, but I‘m flexible 4mo
Hestapleton Yes definitely first in a series. I‘m down for YA too. I can choose something other than The Testaments! 4mo
Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces @Hestapleton @Mogoeg are we all good with Memory Police? 4mo
MeesesPieces Yes 4mo
Mogoeg I am fine with Memory Police. I would like to do Waste Tide (as the book I start with) if that is okay with everyone. 4mo
MeesesPieces @Mogoeg sounds like an awesome book! @Hazel2019 @Hestapleton I‘d like to read Scythe by Neal Shusterman if no one has read it. 4mo
Hazel2019 @Mogoeg Sounds good!😀 4mo
Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces Scythe sounds good! 4mo
Hestapleton I‘m good with all of those! I‘ll troll my shelves this weekend and find some suggestions. :) @MeesesPieces @Hazel2019 @Mogoeg 4mo
Mogoeg @MeesesPieces Scythe is one of my son‘s favorite books but I haven‘t read it yet so that sounds great. And it comes highly recommended my one YA reader at least! 4mo
MeesesPieces @Mogoeg awesome! Let your son know the final installment The Toll comes out next month! 😀 4mo
MeesesPieces @Mogoeg @hazel2019 @hestapleton it‘s almost time! May I suggest we all use different color ink and a little intro in each book? And would it be ok if I added a library card pouch in each book for us to sign and date like the old days at libraries? Haha! I received a library card book kit last year and thought it may be fun to use! 3mo
Hestapleton @MeesesPieces so cute! I love that! I‘ll probably use purple because I think I started marking up RED CLOCKS with that color in grad school 😂 3mo
MeesesPieces @Hestapleton Awesome! I‘ll use red. It matches the color of Scythe haha! 3mo
Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces @Hestapleton @Mogoeg Love the library card idea! You might need to mail those to us ahead of time tho otherwise we won‘t all get to sign each book. I can do blue for pen color although that sounds sort of uninspired 🤔 3mo
Mogoeg @Meeses Pieces @Hestapleton @Hazel2019 The library card idea is great! I can do green for the pen color, or I can switch to blue if you would rather do green @Hazel2019 - it does sort of match my cover! 😀 3mo
MeesesPieces Yay! Ok I‘ll send out the library cards soon now that we are all in agreement. @Hestapleton @Hazel2019 @Mogoeg 3mo
Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces @Hestapleton @Mogoeg do we have anything with our addresses? Not sure if an email went out on that or maybe I missed something...and what the order is 3mo
Mogoeg @Hazel2019 I was wondering that too. I don't remember getting a message. I think we decide the order? 3mo
Hestapleton @Mogoeg @Hazel2019 @MeesesPieces I forwarded you the email with our addresses and clarified the order. ☺️ 3mo
MeesesPieces @Hestapleton thank you for clarifying!! So much easier now! 3mo
Hazel2019 @Hestapleton I still don‘t see it..😬 help! Lol 3mo
Hestapleton @Hazel2019 what‘s your email? 3mo
Hestapleton @Hazel2019 now you should have it. The email on the spreadsheet was a gmail, so that‘s probably why you didn‘t get it. 3mo
Hazel2019 @Hestapleton thank you! I see it now. Not sure how I messed up the email lol 3mo
Hazel2019 I sent an email to Suvata as well to get it corrected so hopefully if there‘s anything else sent out I should get it fine. 3mo
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Well, #LMPBC #Round5 #GroupD kind of sizzled out. I‘m not sure where we ended up. I mailed my book (Maid) to @BookishMarginalia back in March. April would have been LazyDays‘ book. She sent me @WanderingBookaneer‘s book (Off the Rails) in May, which I read and passed along as well. I didn‘t ever receive Gloria‘s book for June. I think life happens. 🤷‍♀️ It was still fun. Will you ladies send along my book when you get a chance?

BookishMarginalia 🙁It fizzled but didn‘t die. End of school year is always tough for teachers. Until the 21st there was summer school, then we spent the week at a teacher training and today we leave for three weeks overseas. We‘ll mail to you at the beginning of August. Thank you for your understanding. 7mo
thebluestocking @BookishMarginalia Oh man. I can only imagine how hard the end of the school year can be! I‘m not too worried about it. I just had the end of the round on my calendar and thought I‘d follow up. 😀💙 Enjoy your trip! (edited) 7mo
BookishMarginalia Thanks! 💜 7mo
thebluestocking @BookishMarginalia Hey! I hope the school year is shaping up well. Will you send my book back when you get a chance? Thanks!! 4mo
BookishMarginalia Will do! Sorry about that! 4mo
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It has arrived safely, @thebluestocking ! #lmpbc #GroupD

goodbyefrancie I'm almost done with this on audio, and still not sure how I feel about it. 10mo
thebluestocking Yay! I hope you enjoy it!! ❤️ 10mo
emmalouise1 Enjoy :) i love your bookmark 😍 10mo
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Way more mystical than I expected. This book is not a scientific or technical investigation of what lies under our feet; rather, it is an odd —but interesting— mix of memoir, anthropology, and mysticism. Approach as a series of interrelated essays, instead of a cohesive book with a single narrative. #lpmbc #groupd

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