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#alphabetgame @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks
Letter E
Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff.
I have a copy of the ebook and I can‘t wait to read it! My son @jeannasser I are big fans.
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Myst, The: Book of D'Ni | Rand Miller, David Wingrove
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It‘s been years searching but I‘ve finally got the Myst trilogy all in beautiful hardcover, first editions (mostly because I didn‘t know they existed until my friend got me Atrus from a $1 bin at a used book sale!).😍😍😍 I have them all in paperback as well, but these are so beautiful in person.

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@wanderinglynn @rabbitprincess @Enchanted_Bibliophile @Light_of_Aether @PathfinderNicole @DaveGreen7777 @tokorowilliamwallace

All our Skyrim chat the other day had me reminiscing and I treated myself to a couple more strategy guides. I love looking back at my fave games and these are two that are special to me ❤

I've had a couple of months off, but hoping to throw myself into Dishonored 2 next!


PathfinderNicole I bought myself the collector‘s edition strategy guide for Mass Effect: Andromeda when it was released and I love it! I‘ve been replaying Horizon Zero Dawn in preparation for the sequel since it‘s coming out on Friday 6mo
RaeLovesToRead @PathfinderNicole Nice!!!! It's always best to get them when they come out because they can be hard to get hold of. I'm wanting to play the Mass Effect trilogy soon 💕 (it's next on the list after Dishonored 2). Really want the next Horizon, but I have such a huge stack of games I was meant to play 5 years ago that I'll have to wait until I've played what I already have!! 😅 6mo
Branwen Final Fantasy VIII! 😭 ALL THE FEELS! ❤ I used to love that game so much! It's been ages since I've played! VII and VIII are just such incredible games! I still listen to the soundtracks sometimes! 😁 6mo
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DaveGreen7777 I still feel traumatized by the first Dishonored… I went through the whole game without killing anyone to get the achievement… yet the achievement never popped because I set off an explosion as a distraction in one scene, and even though no one was nearby, apparently the game still counted it as lethal force! 😭 (edited) 6mo
wanderinglynn @PathfinderNicole I‘m super excited about HZD2! 6mo
wanderinglynn @DaveGreen7777 oh no! How frustrating! 6mo
tokorowilliamwallace @RaeLovesToRead Do you stream playthroughs? I'll come watch and participate in chat! Are you going to see the adaptation of Uncharted this weekend? 6mo
RaeLovesToRead @Branwen Me too!!!! ❤❤❤ I love Eyes on Me by Faye Wong... That scene on the Ragnarok with Squall and Rinoa 💕💕💕 (I blame FF8 for my disastrous love life, haha).. I have Ff7 remake ready to play (been saving it)... can't wait to play it! 6mo
RaeLovesToRead @DaveGreen7777 I remember you saying! 🙈🙈 That's bogus probably not a good time for me to brag about my Platinum trophy 😉🤣🤣 6mo
RaeLovesToRead @tokorowilliamwallace Uncharted still on my to-play list (I've only played the Vita version so far), so not going to watch the film until I'm caught up. I'm not sure how to stream etc and I don't do Twitch etc. If I ever decide to go for it, I'll let you know. I probably wouldn't be very interesting to watch though.. mainly lots of swearing and running round in circles probably 😅 6mo
Light_of_Aether I've heard great things about both Dishonored and FF8, but haven't played them yet. I also love the Mass Effect trilogy. I played ME3 on release during college. It was spring break and I stayed in the dorms that year so I had plenty of time to play it. I got through it in three days and chose synthesis my first time through. I wasn't a big fan of parts of the ending, but I remember it feeling powerful. Haven't played MEA, yet, but I'd like to. 6mo
PathfinderNicole @RaeLovesToRead they really can be!! Luckily I don‘t have any new game backlog besides Pokemon Legends so I can really focus on HFW! Also, Uncharted is SUCH a fun game with such amazing characters I think that you‘d really like it. (edited) 6mo
PathfinderNicole @wanderinglynn me too!!!! I preordered it basically as soon as I could 😂 6mo
PathfinderNicole @Light_of_Aether I always pick the destroy ending because I like how it gives you hope that Shepard survives. But I agree with you about the endings being not great. I really enjoyed MEA but I know a lot of people really hated it (edited) 6mo
RaeLovesToRead @Light_of_Aether For me, mass effect will be a new experience... I played a bit of the first one back on xbox but got stuck on the citadel trying to scan things!!!!! (Couldn't find the last one and wouldn't leave without it 😅) Dishonored is AMAZING! Highly recommend it. And FF8 was great back in the day... they have remastered it but I have so much nostalgia for it that I couldn't tell you if it stands the test of time! 6mo
RaeLovesToRead @PathfinderNicole I'm jealous of no backlog, haha... I have all these games but I'm such a completionist that I get stuck for ages on collectibles etc. I was unsure about uncharted because a) I'd heard it was very cinematic (and I like to PLAY!) and b) I love Lara Croft and feel like a traitor, haha. Loved The Last of Us by the same studio though 🥰 6mo
vivastory My brother is a massive FFXIV fan. His bday was yesterday. I gifted him this 6mo
RaeLovesToRead @vivastory Ooh, gorgeous! I bet he loved it 😊 I have a couple of newer Final Fantasies to play... my videogames TBP is almost as bad as my books TBR 🤣 6mo
vivastory @RaeLovesToRead He was pleased! I don't play very many video games, although I do need to catch up on Assassin's Creed. I abandoned Odyssey about halfway through... 6mo
RaeLovesToRead @vivastory My preference for starting series' at the beginning got the better of me with Assassin's Creed... I got bored during the first one, but I've heard the newer ones are excellent! I feel I really missed out on number 2 or 3 (the one set in open world Italy). I'll have to try Odyssey when I'm allowed to buy games again. 6mo
vivastory I actually prefer the old school AC. I found Odyssey to be too unwieldy & the map is frustrating & overly cluttered. There are far too many side quests IMO. It's my fave franchise & I have completed every game, except for Odyssey & have yet to try Valhalla, so I have opinions 😂 6mo
RaeLovesToRead @vivastory Is it 2 that is supposed to be the best one? 6mo
vivastory My favorites are: 2, Black Flag, Rogue. I def prefer the older ones. 6mo
RaeLovesToRead @vivastory I've just seen they have a remastered Ezio trilogy released in 2016... I might check it out. I think I have Black Flag on my shelf... on Mount TBP 🤣🤣 6mo
Light_of_Aether @RaeLovesToRead I hope you enjoy them! They're my favorite Sci-fi games. Were you scanning all of the keepers on the citadel in the first one? I don't know if I've ever completed that quest. I'll definitely add Dishonored and FF8 to my TBP. 6mo
Light_of_Aether @PathfinderNicole I wonder if the next ME will choose a canon ending or have any confirmation on Shepard's status. 6mo
RaeLovesToRead @Light_of_Aether Awesome!! Yes, it was those pesky keepers... I was only missing one! 6mo
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As always, when it comes to medical and legal matters, anything I got right is thanks to them; anything I got wrong is my own damn fault.
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Untitled | Untitled
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Can you guess the title of the book from the emojis?
Please answer just ONE so the others can play!

Wanna play?
This sounds like so much fun!! 😄

#game #play #guess #books #fun

smalldogs_bigbooks2419 20. Charlie and the chocolate factory 6mo
Ast_Arslan 02. It 6mo
WJCintron @smalldogs_bigbooks2419 😃 👍 thanks for playing!!!
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WJCintron @Ast_Arslan 😃 👍 thanks for playing!!! 6mo
Scochrane26 1. The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes 6mo
megnews 14. Grapes of Wrath? 6mo
TheSpineView 7. Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep 6mo
Susanita 4. Flowers in the Attic 6mo
DrexEdit 15. Of Mice & Men? 6mo
peanutnine 23. Angels and Demons? 6mo
Gissy 1. Serpent & Dove 6mo
Kdgordon88 18. The Good Earth? 6mo
RaeLovesToRead 5. Pet Sematary 6mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego 24. The Red Badge of Courage 6mo
BookwormAHN 6 Treasure Island 6mo
WJCintron @Scochrane26 Yes!! 😃 6mo
WJCintron @megnews 😃 👍 6mo
WJCintron @TheSpineView 😃 👍 You're right! I couldn't figure out this one!! 6mo
WJCintron @Susanita 😃 👍 6mo
WJCintron @DrexEdit 😃 👍 Yes!! 6mo
WJCintron @peanutnine 😃 👍 6mo
WJCintron @Gissy It's The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes 😃 Thanks for playing!!! 6mo
WJCintron @RaeLovesToRead Yes! 😃 👍 6mo
WJCintron @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Yes! 😃 👍 I couldn't figure it out! 6mo
WJCintron @BookwormAHN 😃 👍 6mo
WJCintron @Kdgordon88 😃 👍 6mo
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Jumanji | Chris Van Allsburg
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But, for real for real….can we be DONE? 😒

#HappyNewYear #NYJokes #RealLifeJumanji #HolidayLaughs

❄️6 points for #WinterGames #MistletoeManiacs

Clwojick Lol 7mo
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My daughter's snap cards from school book club 😍 thought you'd all love as much as me haha #school #bookclub #childrens #game

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Series devotee or newbie, get ready for the new Stephanie Plum–led romp. Read my full review here: https://debbybrauer.org/#game-on-tempting-twentyeight

The Shamutanti Hills | Steve Jackson
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Day 84.
Here I will note 365 books (or as many as I will have before I get tired) that have shaped my taste in literature. No explanations, no reviews. Just the cover of the book.
I do not challenge anyone. You are all welcome to take part.

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And for my fellow gamers... I also found this from a while back 😄 Would probably stick Bioshock in at number 10 and put FFviii first 💕