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My favourite part of the Dresden Files: The various people/beings that assist Harry Dresden: Mouse, Waldo Butters, Michael, Sanya, Murphy, Bob.... I can't decide which one is the best 😅 #booktober #bestsidekick

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Tales of the Peculiar | Ransom Riggs
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#booktober days 13, 14, 15, 17, and 18-- I've learnt that when you're in a time crunch Harry Potter can count for all the things 😆 #bestsidekick #setinaschool #awardwinning #shortstories #favoritefriendships

brendanmleonard Oh I love this idea - knocking out a bunch of days at once! 5y
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Moby Dick | Herman Melville
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For being one of my all-time favorite novels, I only have this hardcover edition without a dust jacket. I've included this cool card on top and my Moby tote to indicate the title. Queequeg is my choice for #bestsidekick. He goes from terrifying to indispensable overnight. I'd have him watching my back any day! #booktober

Libby1 Beautiful edition. 5y
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#booktober #bestsidekick #thelunarchronicles

Playing catch up! I don't think I saw anyone pick Iko for this, but I just adore her!!

brilliantglow Iko is awesome. I love her sassy personality so much. 5y
RealLifeReading Love Iko! 5y
tnorris She is one of the best characters for sure!! 🙌🏼😆 5y
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bookninja I love Iko 😍😍😍 5y
BookNerdBritt Iko! 😍 5y
AmandaV Just started this audiobook! 5y
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Re-reading one of my #feelgoodbooks. Thanks @DebinHawaii for the reminder 😀. If I had to have a sidekick in real life, I could do worse than Eve's Mother Francis. #bestsidekick #booktober #maevebinchy #nunswithattitude. Also, there is worse pain than pairing it with the hubby's leftover birthday cheesecake #bestfoodsidekick 😂

Michelle_mck Love the book - the movie adaptation ruined me!! Awful movie - tremendous book 5y
Texreader Mmmmm. 😛 5y
EnidBiteEm @Michelle_mck I need to rewatch it. I haven't seen it since it came out, when I was a similar age to Benny and Eve! Thanks for the warning. 5y
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Michelle_mck @EnidBiteEm I was 18 when it came out and I saw the film first and then read the book. I was filled with a rage only an 18 year old can have 😂 5y
EnidBiteEm @Michelle_mck 😂 How dare Jack! How dare Nan! How dare they stuff it up? I remember so little of the film, only that if we thought someone was a bit of a duffer/loser/hufflepuff in the 90s we often colloquially called them a Benny, and sometimes, affectionately, we used that term with each other. We had never known a Benedicta or a Bernadette, and we read the book after, so when the film started and the lead was called 'Benny', we lost it 😂😂😂 5y
EnidBiteEm @Texreader It was. What a shame you can't send food over Litsy. I had to eat it all myself. Sigh. 😂 5y
Michelle_mck @EnidBiteEm 😂😂😂 5y
DebinHawaii Now I want to go back and reread it! I am actually fond of the movie (especially Minnie Driver & Alan Cunning) although the book is better for sure. 📚❤️ That cheesecake looks divine! 😀 5y
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You Slay Me | Katie MacAlister
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#booktober Day 13 My picks for #bestsidekick are Tippy-Toe and Jim. Tippy-Toe is Squirrel Girl's adorable sidekick. Jim, or Effrijim, is actually a demon summoned by Aisling Grey who takes the form of a Newfoundland. Technically, he might not be her sidekick but I'm counting him as one.

Seekingtardis I LURV ME SOME JIM!!!!!!!!!!! He's the best little demon ever! And the fact that he is a newfy makes it even better!!!! #bookbesties 5y
Hooked_on_books The newfie is adorable! 💙💚❤️ 5y
Bookzombie @Seekingtardis He is the best little demon ever! 😀 5y
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#booktober #bestsidekick @RealLifeReading I love Clive Cussler novels. Or rather I love Clive Cussler's novel because each iteration is only slightly different 😉Al Giordino is a great sidekick and Steve Zahn is perfect to play him

Texreader I did enjoy this book. 5y
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Lord of the Rings | J R R Tolkien
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If I'm going to be really honest I'm not too crazy about side kicks. I like introspective, brooding narrators with isolated voices, haha. (Feel free to disagree with me, I'm not holding it as an axiom). I do want to pick one for the photo challenge! I think the #bestsidekick by far is Samwise Gamgee: loyal to a fault, willing to support the fatally flawed hero at cost to his own life, and beautiful selfless sacrifice embodied. #booktober

Texreader A most excellent choice. 5y
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I've been struggling, trying to pick a #BestSidekick! There are just too many amazing sidekicks to choose from! So, I went with the best from a recent read - Scorpius! I can't even begin to gush enough about this guy! I just adore him! #Booktober

read_diverse_books I had a hard time deciding as well, lol. Great choice! 5y
saguarosally I was debating between this and the one I posted! 5y
ValkyrieAndHerBooks @read_diverse_books Thanks! @saguarosally I like your choice too! 5y
Pandorazboxx I loved him as well. Even though he was a Malloy, I imagined him a Snape. I just had so much trouble with the writing. Great story, but it was just not the same. 5y
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