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Not only did this book get a new cover, it got a new title. Yes those are the exact same book. I accidentally have both copies. The rest of the trilogy kept to o e word titles.


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Tfw you snag a verified signed copy from a used book store ♡
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Kitchen Confidential | Anthony Bourdain
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Many, many moons ago, I skipped a class in graduate school to go see Anthony Bourdain on this book tour. I have never once regretted it.

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So glad to have gotten this AMAZING early Christmas gift this year that was apparently the only copy at Barnes and Noble. SUPER STOKED!

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Have you ever said to an author, “just sign your name...”? because you know that having your own name in the book will lessen the value?🤭 #signedbook #autograph

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kalinichta I don't do that because I am selfish and went the book to be mine forever. 😆 1y
readinginthedark I don't do it so much for the value as if I haven't read the book yet and am not sure if I'll keep it. 😕 I'm trying to be better about not keeping books I won't reread, and I want any future owner to feel like the book is just as much theirs as it was mine. 1y
Jobe @readinginthedark I tend to think about my family and who might end up with the book overtime. Also I hate to find books at estate sales that have the owners name included with the autograph. Just the autograph by itself is much better for me 1y
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It #🤯 (blows my mind) when authors or publishers completely change the title of a book. These are the same books.

I love Coville but this threw me for a loop. I‘m sure it did to kids as well.


IheartYA Wow....that's kind of low. 1y
ReadingRover I agree. What‘s the point? 1y
mydearwatson I‘m not saying I agree, but maybe nobody knew what a brownie was? I‘m not sure kids hear that term much nowadays. 1y
LibrarianRyan @mydearwatson maybe not, but isn‘t it the authors job to describe the creature it‘s talking about. Especially in a kids book. I think it had to do with naming convention. There are 3 books in the series. The second also have one word titles. (edited) 1y
mydearwatson You‘re right, it is their job. I‘m just really wanting it to not be a money thing :-(. 1y
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Everything Is Illuminated | Jonathan Safran Foer
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#backpackEurope has led me to the Ukraine, where I get to revisit one of my favorite books ever. I've actually never read this copy - I had borrowed my friend's and read that but then purchased this one when Jonathan Safran Foer gave a talk at my college so I could have him sign it. If you've never read it, it is something truly special. #autograph #booksigning

AmyG It‘s a huge favorite . Truly wonderful book. (edited) 2y
bookandcat @AmyG it's so good😍😍😍 why has it been so long since I've reread it? Questioning my sanity right now 🤣 2y
hes7 I‘m planning to read this for Ukraine, too. Glad to hear it‘s so good—it‘s been sitting on my shelf for far too long, and I‘m looking forward to finally reading it. 2y
bookandcat @hes7 enjoy, it's a special book! 2y
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I think this book might also be called Diary of a mad Fairy. I have a copy at work. I'll have to check.

#coolbooks @Linsy

Linsy That elf! 2y
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My mom and sister got me this at the IFL Dublin on the the 29th. Now I just need to get it here to California! 😁😀🤪 #NeilGaiman #autograph #thedangerousalphabet

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 1: Squirrel Power | Ryan North, Steve Ditko, Will Murray
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This weekend at ECCC I got to meet Ryan North and Erika Henderson, and have them sign some comics!! I also asked Ryan and the illustrators of Midas Flesh to sign my copy of Vol. 1. AND there was an adorable and amazing Squirrel Girl cosplayer there!!

Needless to say, it was a great day! 😆☺️

#eccc #comiccon #autograph #squirrelgirl #marvel

kamoorephoto I was there!!! 💚💙👊🏼 2y
RachLovesTV @kamoorephoto Awesome!! Hope you had a great time! I went on Saturday and it was sooooo crowded! 2y
xicanti 😍😍😍 2y
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