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Taylor Swift - 1989 | Taylor Swift
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#taytay She wrote a book, right! #reputation #concert

BooksBikes12 We went to her stop in Seattle. Such an amazing time and a truly fabulous experience. Memories were created. 9mo
EKonrad Saw her in LA. Probably one of the best concerts I‘ve ever been to!! 😊 9mo
MellieAntoinette @Books_Bikes_12 I can see why! What a great show! 9mo
MellieAntoinette @EKonrad I totally agree. The show was incredible. 9mo
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The Shootist | Glendon Swarthout, Miles Swarthout
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The Shootist gives a West on the brink of invention, self-identity, self-interest, and reputation power struggles. Glendon Swarthout reminds us that the antihero is not always a villain; sometimes he has a selfless spirit with self-worth from this life and the next.

#glendonswarthout #theshootist #twentiethcentury #western #west #invention #capitalism #america #texas #identity #pride #death #greed #gunman #reputation #antihero #review #bookreview

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This is the first time in years that I haven‘t been able to attend the Festival of Faith and Writing in Michigan. I‘m not gonna lie, I cried a little.

My husband, who presented and manned the exhibition table for his quarterly book review, took on my dork mantle and got a bunch of books signed (which I‘d pre-purchased when I thought I would be attending.) PLUS, he bought me surprises!!
#ffw18 #awesomehusband #makingthebestofit

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I thought maybe this would be okay at best, but no. I felt like the story line was mediocre and there was way too much unnecessary language.

Also I would not want my teenager reading this...

#nothankyou #audiobook #storyofagirl #yabook

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Ahhh hope I remembered to tag everyone!!! Look at the track list for #reputation! SO EXCITED!!!

Tanzy13 I cant wait to hear the one featuring Ed 😊 (edited) 2y
Tanzy13 and number 13 😂 2y
OSChamberlain 🙄🙄 2y
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kylienoele 🎉🎉🎉 2y
MyNamesParadise @OSChamberlain this post is for Taylor Swift fans. If you‘re not a fan, you don‘t need to comment 🙂 2y
MyNamesParadise @Tanzy13 yeah number 13 looks like it‘ll be good and the titles in general seem intriguing. Wonder which one she‘ll debut tomorrow night during Scandal. 🤔 2y
LauraBeth 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️🐈🐈🐈🐈 2y
LauraBeth Shout out to @MrBook for letting us take over one of his threads weeks ago with TS talk 😂 2y
Tanzy13 your right all the titles seem interesting, I am so excited for friday! 😄 2y
Tanzy13 yes thank you! @MrBook 😂 2y
MyNamesParadise @Tanzy13 @LauraBeth yeah I figure we should give @MrBook a break! 😜 2y
Mimi28 @Tanzy13 @kylienoele @MyNamesParadise @LauraBeth Ooooooo!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!Looks awesome!! I subscribe to Apple Music so I can hear them for free when they come out. I love Apple Music!! It‘s only $9.99 a month and you can look up just about any song and it‘s there!! ❤️❤️🎧🎼🎹 2y
Tanzy13 tonight at midnight 😊🎉 2y
MyNamesParadise @Tanzy13 I‘m getting up early to go to Target to get both of the special edition magazines. I happen to be off tomorrow for Veterans Day observed so that worked out! 2y
Tanzy13 I ordered the two magazines from target with same day shipping so ill be getting them tomorrow 😄 2y
Tanzy13 I still have to do online classes tomorrow but I figure I can listen to the album and do homework and class at the same time 😊 2y
Tanzy13 the song New Years Day is going to be played during Scandal tonight 2y
MyNamesParadise @Tanzy13 for me there‘s something extra exciting about going to the store and picking the copies off the shelf. 😍 2y
Tanzy13 @MyNamesParadise I agree but the closest target is a few hours away from where I currently live 😅 2y
MyNamesParadise @Tanzy13 oh snap! Yeah then ordering online is the best bet 2y
Laalaleighh Did y‘all see her performance of New Year‘s Day during scandal tonight?! 2y
Tanzy13 yaaasssss!!!! omg!!!! 2y
Tanzy13 album was just released!!!!!! 2y
LauraBeth @MyNamesParadise, @Tanzy13, @Laalaleighh, @kylienoele TFW you realize her album didn‘t drop on Apple Music streaming 🤬😫😭😖😔☹️ 2y
kylienoele @LauraBeth It's not on Spotify either 😭💀💀💀 I was so excited for it! 2y
Laalaleighh @LauraBeth it‘s on Apple Music. I bought three copies but I listened to it there. 2y
Laalaleighh @LauraBeth @kylienoele it might be because I preordered the album from iTunes though? 2y
LauraBeth @Laalaleighh Unfortunately, it‘s on Apple Music where you can buy it but she didn‘t drop it on Apple Music streaming or Spotify. I don‘t think I should have to pay $15/month for that service to be denied a new release. She seems to be the only artist who does this. Very disappointed in her for picking greed over her fans 😔 2y
Laalaleighh @LauraBeth I think they do free trials. They did when I signed up. It‘s discounted on iTunes right now though. 2y
LauraBeth @Laalaleighh we did the free trial when Apple Music first came out and I loved it so much that I convinced the husband to pay for the monthly subscription fee. So that‘s how I‘ve been listening to music for the past couple of years. Guess I‘ll have to head over to iTunes and buy the album. Apparently, she ticked off a lot of people by doing this. 2y
LauraBeth @Laalaleighh also - I‘m not mad at our girl Taylor - I‘m mad at the music executives 2y
MyNamesParadise @LauraBeth @Laalaleighh @Tanzy13 I went to target and bought both copies of the magazine. I read she‘s not doing the streaming services (at least yet) to boost record sales. But what do y‘all think about the music? 2y
Tanzy13 I think the album is good, I think my favorite song is new years day 😊 2y
Tanzy13 @MyNamesParadise do you like the magazines? I am waiting for mine to be delivered, tracking says its out for delivery so hopefully it will get here soon lol 2y
MyNamesParadise @Tanzy13 I‘ve been out all day so I haven‘t had time to look through them but I will this weekend. She left the slowest songs to the end. I feel like the sound of 1989 was overall more iconic and I surprised by how risqué some of the lyrics were (for Taylor) but it worked! The sound of this album overall is more pop radio friendly sounding. I loved Getaway Car and King of my heart. 2y
Tanzy13 my magazines were finally delivered, I really like the intro, poems and cat photos 🐱🐱😊 2y
Tanzy13 I have thought this for like forever, but I hope Taylor writes a book someday, I would love to read anything she wrote/writes 😊 2y
Mimi28 @Tanzy13 @LauraBeth @MyNamesParadise @Laalaleighh @kylienoele I was all set to listen to it on Apple Music and was very disappointed 😞 I can hardly afford the $9.99 a month I pay I can‘t afford to go buy it on iTunes. I guess I will just have to wait. Shucks!! I will just listen to the songs she has released already and all her others. You guys know she is performing on SNL tonight right?! 2y
Tanzy13 yas cant wait for snl tonight 😊 2y
Tanzy13 @MyNamesParadise @LauraBeth @Laalaleighh @kylienoele @Ashley_Nicoletto I hope you are all doing well, are you all excited for Taylors new music? I am, I also loved reading what Taylor wrote about music and books and thought you all might as well 🙂🎶📚❤️ http://www.justjared.com/2019/02/27/taylor-swift-pens-essay-on-power-of-music-wr... (edited) 5mo
Laalaleighh @Tanzy13 IM SO EXCITED!!! I‘ve been following all the bonkers fan theories (and believing them haha) for days and it‘s all I can think about! (Well, that and reading A Curse So Dark And Lonely) thank you for tagging me!! I hope you‘re doing well as well!! @LauraBeth @kylienoele @MyNamesParadise hiiiii 👋👋👋 5mo
Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh SAME! couldn‘t agree more! I literally almost died laughing when I saw Taylors instagram post about the theories today 😂🐱 5mo
Laalaleighh @Tanzy13 Me tooooooo!!!! She dragged her whole fandom so hard!!! (There were also three plant stems in the planter behind her though 🤔🕵🏼‍♀️) Whatever she‘s doing, she‘s up to something. I‘m so ready for the new era!!! 5mo
Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh theres also 3 doors 😂🧐🤔 same, I cant wait, Taylor follows me on tumblr so I am as bad as the others when it comes to theories and being crazy excited and everything lol 😂 (edited) 5mo
Laalaleighh @Tanzy13 SHE (eyes wide) FOLLOWS (jaw dropped) YOU (heart racing) ON (hyperventilating) TUMBLR (passing out) 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 5mo
Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh I KNOW RIGHT! I freaked out so much when it happened and I still can‘t believe it! I sometimes have to check to make sure she really follows me incase I dreamed it lol 😂 (edited) 5mo
Laalaleighh Have you been to a secret session? I‘d die. Like if I got invited I‘d pass out when she walked in the room. 5mo
Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh Same! No, (not yet 😉) I hope someday to be invited, one of my many dreams in life lol 😂 5mo
Laalaleighh Girl I am literally crossing my fingers and toes and braiding my hair and all the other crisscross things I can think of that you get invited to a TS7 SS. I am literally one of her biggest fans ever but I don‘t have a noticeable online presence so the likelihood that I ever will is so small but SHE FOLLOWS YOU AMD I WANT YOU TO GET TO MEET HER!!!! @Tanzy13 5mo
Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh AW I literally cant thank you enough for saying that! you have no idea how much that means to me, also don‘t give up hope for yourself as well, I literally dont have a crazy presence either and she still some how found my account and followed me so literally it could happen to anyone, especially you 🙂 5mo
Laalaleighh Awwww you‘re the sweetest! Thank you!! I honestly don‘t care if I meet her while she‘s super famous. But I hope I meet her one day Bc I love her sense of humor and the way she looks at the world and I feel like if she was just a regular person who I happened to know and not TAYLOR SWIFT we would be such good friends! Like I hope I get to meet her when she settles down with a garden somewhere and just like, play scrabble haha @Tanzy13 5mo
Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh same, I couldn‘t agree more 🙂 5mo
Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh and also honestly the funny thing is that I tried for along time when I first joined tumblr to get her to follow me and she didn‘t and so I completely deleted my account and started a new one and decided that I would just have fun and be myself and enjoy tumblr and being a fan and I didn‘t try to get her to follow me and a few months later she randomly followed me out of the blue so you never know 5mo
Laalaleighh @Tanzy13 if you ever meet her, try to convince her to publish a list of her favorite books, Bc now I‘m dying to know what they are! 5mo
Laalaleighh @Tanzy13 that‘s amazing. Did you pass out when you saw it?! 5mo
Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh I will, and I am to, and yes lol 😂 5mo
Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh it‘s probably stupid but I also would like to meet Meredith and Olivia some day 🐱 (edited) 5mo
Laalaleighh @Tanzy13 if you have an insta you should follow me (so I can follow you and cheer on your meeting Taylor this era) it @laalaleighh just like on here 🙂 5mo
Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh thank you! I actually am not very active on instagram, I just post photos of my dog, rabbit and sunsets every few months basically lol 😂 but I really appreciate you and the offer 🙂 5mo
Laalaleighh @Tanzy13 just know I‘m cheering for you! If you ever do get invited let me know!!! (once the sworn to secrecy part is over obv) ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 5mo
Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh obviously and yes I will and thank you for being so kind, I appreciate it 🙂✨ (edited) 5mo
LauraBeth @Laalaleighh where the hell have you been?! Brb - going to go obsessively read all about these theories now... 5mo
Laalaleighh @LauraBeth in Orlando? I don‘t even know. I got locked out of my litsy for a month or so and when I came back@I just found it overwhelming. Need to trim down my follow list maybe? How are youuuu? 5mo
Laalaleighh @LauraBeth haha enjoy the theories. My last two brain cells are still@fighting over them 5mo
LauraBeth I‘m going to need mermaids involved with this new album 🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️ @Laalaleighh I‘m glad I can now see on insta when you do get invited to a SS 😀 We‘re going to need to reconvene here again once this delicious new album drops. 5mo
Laalaleighh @LauraBeth I 100% believe there will be mermaids. And yassss. That must happen!!! 💖 5mo
MyNamesParadise @Laalaleighh @Tanzy13 @LauraBeth I saw photos a while back of her sitting in a car with 7 fingers up indicating she‘s working on TS7. Glad her and Joe are still together! I‘d be eager for more music! It feels like #reputation just came out yesterday. 5mo
MyNamesParadise @Tanzy13 @LauraBeth @Laalaleighh @kylienoele @Ashley_Nicoletto yes, love it!! I heard an excerpt tonight on entertainment tonight. Ahh I love her so much. Hopefully she‘s working on TS7 5mo
Tanzy13 @MyNamesParadise @LauraBeth @Laalaleighh @kylienoele @Ashley_Nicoletto I hope you are all doing well and are having a great day, are you all excited for the big announcement and new music tonight? 🙂🎶 3mo
Ashley_Nicoletto @Tanzy13 I‘ve been so stinking busy and I missed that there was an announcement tonight. I‘m excited now. 🙌🏼🙌🏼👯‍♀️👯‍♀️💃🏻💃🏻 3mo
LauraBeth YES!!!! Yesterday I managed to work myself up in a state thinking that it won‘t be new music but just a fashion line. Then calmed myself down. 😂 @Tanzy13, @MyNamesParadise, @Laalaleighh, @kylienoele, @Ashley_Nicoletto 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 3mo
MyNamesParadise @Tanzy13 @Laalaleighh @kylienoele @Ashley_Nicoletto @LauraBeth I will be SO disappointed if it‘s just a fashion line. It needs to be music!! 3mo
kylienoele Thank god it‘s new music!!! 3mo
LauraBeth That song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 3mo
Tanzy13 agreed 👏🎶✨ 3mo
MyNamesParadise Did y‘all see where she got a new cat too?!? Wonder what her name is! 3mo
Tanzy13 I want to know his name lol 🐱 3mo
Tanzy13 hes so cute 🥰🐱 (edited) 3mo
Tanzy13 @MyNamesParadise Yasss, I cant wait and a new song comes out tonight and a new video this weekend 🙂👏🎶 1mo
Laalaleighh @MyNamesParadise SO EXCITED JE SUIS NE PAS CALM (is that good French?) who knows. Whyyyy is the French a clueeee 1mo
Laalaleighh Ooof I looked it up and it‘s Je nes suis pas calme 🤷🏼‍♀️I tried 1mo
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#hpchapteraday I like the contrast between Albus & Rose here. Rose is very conscious of #reputation while Albus is more willing just to get to know someone. This is what gives Albus a chance to het to know Scorpius-he doesn't prejudge him based on rumors, a great character trait. I'm also disappointed in Hermione's daughter being so judgmental of someone without giving them a chance. So how important is reputation to you in getting to know someone

monkeygirlsmama Good point about her holier than thou attitude. 😞 2y
Redjewel_7734 @monkeygirlsmama I definitely expected better from the daughter of the founder of SPEW 😊 2y
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Rose seems a little too sure of what her reputation will bring. Albus doesn't seem to realize he will be well known because of his father's reputation. I actually feel bad that Scorpius has a negative reputation and is so well aware of it. Is it fair that these children live under the shadow of their parent's #reputation? #hpchapteraday @Redjewel_7734

Peddler410 No, it's not fair. Unfortunately, I see this happen way too often to younger siblings coming through my middle school. 2y
Redjewel_7734 The world tells is to be our own people & then constantly judges us by others-parents, siblings, friends, family-rather than our own merit. Frustrating!!! 😡 2y
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I finished this book in less than half a day... it was a compelling read and something about it totally sucked me in!

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My favorite book with "girl" in the title. ? #readjanuary

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