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I didn‘t enjoy this book at all. Set in #Morocco it is full of prejudices which highly irritates me. And then that storyline, or better, lack of. I think the author made quite a mess of what she was trying to say and I didn‘t get the point. Okay so your passport is stolen, what‘s the big deal? A loss of identity? Get a grip.

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BarbaraBB Didn‘t you send me these socks @CarolynM ? As you can see I still wear them 💕 #booknerd 2d
Cinfhen Ouch!!! You were much more honest than I was!!!! I agree, this book didn‘t deliver 2d
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen Not at all. Such a weak plot. And I saw that sister-thing coming forever. 2d
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TrishB Love your review 😁 2d
Librarybelle Definitely NOT a book on my to read list! 2d
squirrelbrain Such a shame. 😞 But great review! 2d
Cortg Big bummer! 2d
4thhouseontheleft That‘s too bad. But I love your socks! 2d
Megabooks Sorry you hated it! 😬👎🏻 2d
Megabooks But I‘ve gotta love a fab pan review!! 2d
BarbaraBB @TrishB @Librarybelle @squirrelbrain I had to make sure you wouldn‘t stack 😂 although I think you liked it Meg, if I remember right? @Megabooks 2d
Megabooks I did in fact really like it the first time I read it 10 years ago, but less so when I read it again a few years ago. I‘m such a sucker for 2nd person though! 2d
readordierachel Amazing socks! Shame about the book 2d
KarenUK I almost want to read it now, to see why you hated it so much! Is that weird! 🤷‍♀️😂 2d
CarolynM I wear mine a lot too, but not at the moment - 35 degrees today🌞 2d
IuliaC I love this photo! 😍 2d
BarbaraBB @Megabooks Second person is good indeed. You might really want to read it @KarenUK , knowing that Meg liked it! 2d
BarbaraBB @CarolynM Wow that is a difference of 65 degrees with the temperature that @Suet624 mentioned today 😱. What is happening to the earth? 2d
CarolynM It's January. We expect temperatures in the 30s😎 2d
BarbaraBB @CarolynM I know but a 65° difference seems so big. 2d
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I raced through this book @BarbaraBB switching to audio for the last 40%🎧 Im not sure how I feel about this odd little story. So much didn‘t ring true yet I was compelled to keep reading. Parts were super funny, others super bizarre ( Patti Smith, the Russian oligarch) but her ultimate reason for disappearing bugged me most. Not as satisfying as I would have liked. #MoreMehThanYeah

BarbaraBB Oh no, that sounds #MoreMehThanYeah indeed, while I heard such good things about it. I am not feeling it either yet, but I'm still only 50 pages in. I'll keep you posted. I hope it at least ticks off some prompts! 3d
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I‘m taking a page from @BarbaraBB and diving into this slim book which has an interesting premise. Single woman, traveling alone in #Morocco loses her backpack with all of her identity cards & travel necessities. (Total travel nightmare)

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I‘ve dived in 😉 and although I‘m interested in the story I‘m pretty annoyed by the way the author portraits Morocco and i.c. Casablanca. I‘m pretty sure she‘s never been there. From all vaccinations she needs before travelling there (none are necessary) to remarks about there being no women in the streets and a market she visits ‘that seems to sell only stolen goods‘. WTF? But I am just 50 pages in. Curious what you‘ll think Cindy! #buddyread

Cinfhen I haven‘t been to Morocco and it‘s SUPER HIGH on my travel wishlist!!! I haven‘t started yet but I‘m gonna sit with it this morning. Hope you‘re all well💕💕💕 4d
BarbaraBB @squirrelbrain @Cinfhen Funeral was very emotional with loving speeches by Simon and both kids. Robin made a wonderful slide show and I had chosen the music. It was beautiful and sad. I‘m exhausted but feel good. Thank you for all your loving thoughts. You too @Megabooks 💕 4d
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squirrelbrain It sounds like it was a lovely tribute Barbara, and you must be so proud of the kids. ❤️ 4d
Cinfhen Just got the goosebumps. Sounds like a perfect way to remember and honor your MIL. Praying for happier days💗 4d
CarolynM I'm so sorry, Barbara, I missed your sad news. Deepest sympathy to you and your family💕 4d
LeahBergen Oh, the funeral sounds like it was an especially loving tribute to your mother-in-law. ❤️❤️ 4d
Bookwomble 💗 4d
batsy Sounds like a lovely tribute to your MIL. Take care of yourself and get the rest you need ❤️ 4d
erzascarletbookgasm I‘m so sorry for your loss, Barbara. Condolences to you and your family. ❤️ 4d
BarbaraBB @CarolynM @LeahBergen @Bookwomble @batsy @erzascarletbookgasm Thank you for your sweet comments. I feel blessed to have you and Litsy ❤️ 3d
TrishB Oh that sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate her life ♥️♥️ 3d
BarbaraBB @TrishB It really was 🤍😘 3d
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Himawari House | Harmony Becker
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I loved how the different languages were used – casually, yet effectively showing us how it is to struggle in this multilingual world. It feels weird to write this but it shows that Asian people are different, are distinct. The Korean girl is unique, the Singaporean girl is unique, the Japanese-American girl is unique. We are Asian, and to many people we may look similar, but we are so different from each other.

Bookzombie Great to see you and great review! 🙂 4d
TrishB Hi 👋 4d
JamieArc Great to see back on Litsy! 4d
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LeahBergen This is such a tasty-looking photo! 4d
RealLifeReading @Bookzombie hello and thanks! It‘s been a while! 4d
RealLifeReading @JamieArc thank you 😊 4d
RealLifeReading @LeahBergen thanks! It‘s full of Lunar New Year snacks! 😀 4d
mhillis This looks really good! 4d
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Set amidst the revolution in China shifting the country out of its last dynasty, Peach Blossom Paradise follows the arc of the life of Xiumi, focusing a great deal on her childhood, then following her forward as she becomes a revolutionary, though in a more quiet way than I usually think of that word. This is based on real people and events. I liked it quite a bit.

2021 NBA shortlist, translated lit

bnp Hadn't heard of this one, but I'm intrigued. 7d
Liz_M I have this book! But only because I thought I was buying the tagged nyrb book 😂 😂 😂 7d
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The Book of Not | Tsitsi Dangarembga
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Book that #BeginsWith #Book - one of my recent book purchases. Looking forward to reading it.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Perfect 👍🏻 📚 1w
Eggs Interesting title! 1w
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The Vanishing Half | Brit Bennett
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I loved the overall theme of finding who you are (or running from it). I also really loved Jude‘s character. It‘s hard because even though I might understand Stella‘s reasons, I could never leave my family.

Free Space for #BookSpinBingo

Sky Diver in the #Pantone2022 challenge


TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 2w
Clwojick Great match! My hold for this book just came in too! 2w
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Frozen | Mary Casanova
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I took this yesterday. It's my back deck. It's about 2 ft snow overall (I haven't shoveled the deck since November and I'm kind of nervous to now lol) and yes that is frost on the window. Frost on the front door too, I had to yank it hard to open it.

Tomorrow's forecast shows a beautiful 0 degrees which will be time to shovel out the drive and walkway and clear off my car finally

Elizabeth2 😳🥶 2w
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