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I moved this short story collection to the top of my list so I could read it before the #NationalBookAwards. Some of the reviews I read said that it was a little graphic, so I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into. That said, each story in this collection was a wonderful, often harrowing, look at how society treats women's bodies. And it's not pretty. Longer review on our Instagram page about my favorite story. - A

amvs1111 Eager to read this soon! Glad to see Latina writers represented. 2y
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The Hate U Give | Angie Thomas
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It's award season! Just a few of the #NBAwards longlisters on my shelf. Congratulations to all forty writers! 🎉
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Library holds coming through! #blackhistorymonth #nationalbookawards #nonfiction

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March: Book Three | Andrew Aydin, John Lewis
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Watching the live stream of the #NationalBookAwards over dinner tonight. As one does.

I'm over the moon for John Lewis, who just won the award for Young People's Literature for the graphic novel he wrote w/Andrew Aydin. It is so well deserved & is incredibly moving to watch him cry while accepting his award, as he wasn't allowed to even have a library card growing up in the Jim Crow south. If you haven't read his graphic novels, fix that. ❤️🙌🏾

shawnmooney Yay!! 3y
KVanRead That is wonderful! 3y
Tav He is seated right behind me! 3y
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Well-ReadNeck I love this man. So very proud that he is my elected representative. 3y
TheJOMOreader He'll be speaking in Nashville on Saturday. I cannot wait to hear him. 3y
tjwill @Tav Wow! So cool! 3y
Yossarian I remember reading The Children by David Halberstam. I didn't really know a lot about the Freedom Riders before I read it. I had just gotten to a cliffhanger with John Lewis suffering a head wound in an attack. I wanted to read on because I literally didn't know if he would live, and really needed a break because it was so intense. I took a quick break and turned on the news, and John Lewis was giving a speech on the House floor. I started crying. 3y
tjwill I loved March! The award is well deserved. His story is amazing and the graphic novels are perfectly paced and accessible. 3y
beaniebankbeth Love. Him. And all the good, hard, necessary work he has done. My students can't get enough of the series, so proud to have it in my classroom. I hold on to what he said to me when he signed my books: "Continue to teach." ? 3y
Julsmarshall I was watching too-so well deserved! 3y
meggofrank 😍😍😍 3y
vivastory John Lewis AND Colson Whitehead win? If only our presidential election had turned out results like that! I'm planning on getting the collected "March." 3y
Yellowpigeon He is my representative!!!!!! Every time he is on the news I fan girl. Local news did a story when he was protesting (i can't remember what now). They mentioned that he had been arrested over 40 times (he was getting arrested for protesting). I wonder if he ever thinks that he is just too old for this. Another great book is, dense though 3y
megt So thrilled for him! I still need to read book 3, but the first two were among my favorite reads last year. 3y
TheWellReadOwl Wow. My ❤️is feeling so much ❤️❤️❤️right now. Him, Colson Whitehead ... I haven't picked up a book in a week but this such an awesome reminder of the power of letters and words arranged on a page. Thanks for posting. ❤️ 3y
lynneamch Any Littens near Nashville can see John Lewis on Saturday, Nov. 19. See parnassusbooks.net for info. So inspiring. We need him as much now as ever. 3y
intothehallofbooks I've never read his graphic novels. I will get them @BookishFeminist, thank you! 😉👏🏻 3y
[DELETED] 1409720085 Buying asap. 3y
Tav @tjwill yes. It was such an honor to attend the National Book Awards. I will always remember it. 3y
Godmotherx5 Dang. I fell asleep & missed most of it. 3y
TocktheWatchdog I heard him speak just about a week ago at my library and he was so amazing. What a great man. 3y
Nomad_Student Their trilogy made me cry on the bus more than once this year. Both Rep. Lewis and Andrew Aydin are wonderful speakers, as well - hearing them talk about their histories and how these graphic novels came about is an experience not to be missed, if you get the chance! 3y
Bette 👍😊❤️️💙 3y
EnidBiteEm 😢So sad, but now I'm happy for him just the same. 😭😔but 😍😀❤️ 3y
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hope this book wins! #nationalbookawards #nba

Texreader Me too even though I haven't read her yet. She's from my neck of the woods! You go girl! 3y
krismlars One of my favorite books of 2016! 3y
DebinHawaii @krismlars Me too! Such a good book! 📚❤️ 3y
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When the Moon Was Ours | Anna-Marie McLemore
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A little bird told me that this book is on the National Book Awards longlist. Suppose I ought to see what the fuss is about. #morningread #currentlyreading #nationalbookawards

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