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Geekerella | Ashley Poston
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This one was absolutely brilliant!! I'm still under the impression and unable to find words to express myself properly (also, it's quite late where I am), so all I'm gonna say is that I 100% love it!! Definitely one of my this year's favourites! ❤️❤️😅🙈📚📚 #fandom #fanfic

ElizaMarie I really liked it too! I didn't think I would. I mean .. I guess I didn't know what to think initially but after reading it I found it way so cute! 2mo
zezeki @ElizaMarie I didn't have any expectations before reading it either, just wanted something light and cute, and I got so much more. 2mo
zezeki @ElizaMarie I guess it was unexpectedly good and really charming! 2mo
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ElizaMarie @zezeki I think (if I remember correctly) I had picked it for one of my Bingo squares (Pumpkin maybe?) So, I didn't know what would it be. And I like to say I don't like retelling of fairy tales but... that's such a lie! I think in my head I don't like them but every one I have read I have enjoyed (if any of that makes sense)
hermyknee Yeah I really enjoyed this one when I read it, too! I also wasn‘t expecting much, but I adored it! 2mo
ShyBookOwl I thought this was great too. The next one, The Princess and the Fangirl was good too. 2mo
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M*A*S*H | David Scott Diffrient
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So after a ton of water and a day spent almost entirely in bed, minus vacuuming, I am feeling better. I tried watching the debate but quickly got discouraged. Back to fanfic for the moment. #fanfic #pusheen #nook #summersucks

Good Omens | Gaiman, Neal
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Today blows. Found a tick in the house so I‘m trying to vacuum, but I feel lousy so I keep having to take breaks. Fanfic day it is. The cat‘s telling me to get back to work already 😬😫#pusheen #lousyday #summersucks #fanfic #nook

Jas16 I hope that tomorrow is better 7mo
TheBookDream @Jas16 Me too! Thanks 7mo
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Diablo III: Book of Tyrael | Blizzard Entertainment
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So the first third of this is a postscript to the game, Diablo 3
And the rest is lists! There's a brief history of the world, the factions both major and minor with short descriptions, and a list of characters with short bios, all written ICly by Deckard Cain with notes by Tyrael.
I expect this was made for #roleplaying and #fanfic writers, haha
The cover is REALLY nice though, and it comes with a double-sided mini poster, tucked into the back.

TalecArashi If you wanted to read more about the history of the game's world, you'd want this: 7mo
Slajaunie Welcome to Litsy! 💙📖📚 That is a beautiful baby you have there! 7mo
TalecArashi @Slajaunie Thank you~ He really is! 7mo
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CoffeeNBooks Welcome to Litsy! 📚 7mo
TalecArashi @CoffeeNBooks Thank you :3 7mo
RaimeyGallant Adorable! 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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it is going to take some SERIOUS willpower to not temporarily abandoned my book for this seriously beautiful #fanfic i just received in the mail!! 40 pages Vol 1, the artwork is incredible and i can‘t wait to dive into the story
•RESIDUA• Written by Joyce Hwang and Illustrated by Vanessa Jacob (you can find it on Etsy!)

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Just had me crying and snotting. Now I have to go reread Little Women, is been years since I‘ve read it. I was also supposed to be asleep 2 hours ago. 😔

#LitsyLovesLibraries #readgraphicnovels #retelling #FanFic #LittleWomen #middlegradereads? #YesiReads

Peddler410 I finished reading Little Women to my daughter right before Easter. The Easter Bunny brought her this book. I haven‘t read it yet. 8mo
TheBookAddict @Peddler410 I was kind of skeptical when I picked it up, but I was also curious so I couldn‘t pass it up. I enjoyed it very much and I hope you and your daughter enjoy it too. 🙂 8mo
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The start of what I hope is a #gilmoregirls #fanfic. I‘m the one who gets stuck in Stars Hallow. I had the idea at work and didn‘t have any pen or paper on me and just wrote it in my notes app. I used to be a prolific #thirdwatch #fanfic writer.

melissajayne So I finished the first chapter and emailed it to myself. I plan to eventually publish it, but only when I have the entire story completed, at least in rough form. I have started many a fanfic and never have completed them and just left them hanging. (edited) 11mo
bookishkris Oh, Third Watch! I have a badly written Alex/Kim fic in the depths of one of my files. I still miss that show. I wish someone would pick it up in syndication. 11mo
melissajayne If I do publish the story, which would go onto fanfiction.net, I‘ll post the link to the story. 11mo
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In honor of sad #fanfic and also #poemsbeforephones, a late quote from Langston Hughes.
@monalyisha #poetry

monalyisha Yeah!!!! And also... 😢 13mo
Bradleygirl @monalyisha I know 😞 13mo
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Turns out maybe i do like fan fiction? At least when it's a goofy, buddy cop murder mystery with political figure protagonists? I'll read the next one for sure! Though home for the holidays, i hid the cover to avoid any stressful debates 😖 #mommyreads #fanfic #crime

Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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2097 pages later .... I finished this fanfic ! 🙋🏻
It's on GoodReads but not on Litsy, so it still counts towards my reading challenge.

I LOOOVED this, I've always shipped Draco and Hermione so this was right up my alley!

5 🌟 #harrypotter #fanfic

EllieDottie Nice! This sounds so good! I‘m normally super overwhelmed by fan fix! 1y
julesG 2097 pages?? What??? 1y
GypsyKat I‘m definitely intrigued! 1y
Utopiyll 😱😱 Just saw this! 😍 13mo
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