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1. Inland Northwest USA. 2. 51
3. Work for a non-profit working to restore wild salmon and steelhead by removing 4 unnecessary dams on the Snake River.
4.??Going on 10 wonderful years with my sweetheart.
5. She/her. 6. Nickname is Sam. Middle is Anne. Sounds like salmon, which I work to protect.

Cosmos_Moon ❤️New Orleans. 🧡36. 💛borrowing from the library, used book sales and books my mom sends me after she reads. 💚married. 💙she. 💜my kids names & Moonstruck. 4d
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This is a fun, gross book on insects. And it brought up things I‘d never heard of before, like the Maggot King! The Maggot King was a man who claimed that inhaling fumes maggots release while eating could cure tuberculosis. That‘s a difficult conversation to have with patients.

Parrots Over Puerto Rico | Susan L. Roth, Cindy Trumbore
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(authors: Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore; illustrator: Susan L. Roth)
This NF picture book is great for elementary students to see a distinct example of the huge negative impact human exploration and development can have on habitats and the animals that live there, as well as the many ways that scientists have worked hard to save struggling populations of endangered species.

2014 Robert F. Silbert Informational Book Medal

kgarzon As an informational text, the reading level is a bit higher so it'd be a good match for PR. This lets strong readers be paired with those struggling with content-specific vocabulary and aid in their comprehension. This educator guide includes some strategies such as having them retell the plot of the book using the pictures and text both orally and in writing: https://www.rif.org/literacy-central/material/parrots-over-puerto-rico-teachers-... 2w
kgarzon UDL principle 5.3 (Build fluencies with graduated levels of support) is demonstrated with how accessible materials can be used to support the text, and how peers can support each other. EL 23 (Structure advance organizers consisting for new terminology that learners will encounter in the new lesson vocabulary to be reviewed) will be beneficial for the students who will encounter a lot of specific vocabulary in the text. 2w
cassandram What a great book that shares really important information. I would love to read this book too! 2w
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