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A Girl Like That | Tanaz Bhathena
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I went on an #audiowalk earlier to see if I could find the toe stop I lost when I was skating on the same trail earlier this week (I didn't find it). & then I wanted to revisit the University of Iowa President's driveway to get a good pic of the Hawkeye'd rainbow flag they created for the Pride lunch he hosted on Friday. Audiowalking with purposes!

Becoming | Michelle Obama
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Another gorgeous #audiowalk today, including an ice cream treat ... 7.3 miles and a few little runs, very proud of myself and loving listening to Becoming!

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Working Sundays sometimes feels like swimming upstream. Glad I got a nice long #audiowalk in this morning #weekendlibrarian

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I wanted to share a few pics of my many walks yesterday! Apologies for the non-bookish posts.

Walk 1: 3 miles on the Luray Greenway Trail which runs through the Main St area and out to, somewhat surprisingly, a cow pasture! Some neat murals along the way. #bookfitnesschallenge #BFC

We were on this path again for my 4th walk to/from dinner last night.

Listened to Swing by Kwame Alexander. #audiowalk

BethM I love that barn mural. 8h
tpixie Lovely photos!! ♥️ 8h
gradcat @BethM Me too—how cute is that! ♥️ 8h
BookwormAHN Nice 💚 2h
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Look who I spotted on an early morning #audiowalk today...

This is Peter the Peacock who arrived in the neighbourhood quite a few years ago and has never left. He used to chase the bus up the road when he first arrived, but soon got bored of that. Sometimes he‘s a bit vocal when the sun comes up at 4am, but we just put up with that!

🦚 🦚🦚🦚🦚🦚

Caroline2 Ahhh, how lovely! 😍 13h
Cathythoughts Gorgeous 13h
RachelO 🦚 They‘re such characters! And there‘s nothing like a 4am alarm call... 13h
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Smrloomis 😂 Was he someone‘s pet? Or are there wild peacocks in some places? I really want to know how he ended up there! 13h
Kaye That‘d be strange to live someplace where peacocks were walking around like chickens on a farm ! What sort of noise do they make ? That‘s funny he used to chase the bus. Sorta like dogs that chase cars. What would they do with it if they caught it ? 12h
Hooked_on_books Well now. That‘s unusual! 12h
squirrelbrain @Smrloomis - they‘re sometimes kept at stately homes in the UK, as pets I suppose, but no-one knows where Peter came from. Apparently some people, about 1/2 mile from here, leave their shed doors open and feed him, particularly in the winter. 11h
squirrelbrain @kaye - difficult to explain the noise, kind of a screeching / cawing but very LOUD and not particularly pleasant! 😬 11h
Smrloomis Interesting, thanks! 11h
Velvetfur Aaww he's so beautiful! I love peacocks so much ❤️ Have you seen him open his tail yet? 11h
laurenslibrary He's gorgeous! We have crazy turkeys in my neighborhood that chase the mail trucks sometimes. But they're not nearly as pretty and they're kind of mean! 11h
squirrelbrain @Velvetfur - I haven‘t seen him open his tail recently, only a few years ago. He‘s a much bigger bird than he was when he first arrived (he was a bit scrawny!) so I imagine his tail will be wonderful now... 10h
DivineDiana How curious and wonderful! 💙💚 9h
Dolly I wonder why he‘s always late for the bus!! 😂 9h
Zelma Peter the Peacock and his troubles with the bus sounds like a children‘s picture book in the making! 5h
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The Vintage Caper | Peter Mayle
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AprilMae Oooo, I love the Grimm books! Her brothers are my favorite!! 17h
DarcysMom @AprilMae Aren't they great? I adore Jerry! 16h
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Death of a Kingfisher | M. C. Beaton
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I read all the Agatha Raisin books in order, but with the Hamish MacBeth series, I‘ve just picked up whichever one strikes my fancy. This is the one I‘m listening to now.
#bookfitnesschallenge results
Walking = 4.05 miles
Audiobooks = 1 started and 1 continuing

#bfc #audiowalk @wanderinglynn

Clwojick I‘ve read one of her books, and I wasn‘t a huge fan... although I felt it had potential. Maybe I just chose a bad first pick? Do you have a favourite one to recommend? I‘d love to give her another chance. 💛💚💙 17h
BookwormAHN Nice 👏🏻 15h
dariazeoli Great walk! 10h
4thhouseontheleft Great job! 9h
KathyWheeler @Clwojick I don‘t really have a favorite. I like to listen to them when I walk because they are light and fluffy and require little concentration. They‘ve also helped get me out of reading slumps before because of their lightness. 6h
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Aller Liebe Anfang: Roman | Judith Hermann
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Had a nice walk this afternoon even though the book is not super exciting right now.


The Vintage Caper | Peter Mayle
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Immortal | J. R. Ward
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Me and my buddy #Milo out for an #audiowalk 😁 Happy Saturday everyone! #BFC

#audiobookfitnesschallenge #dogsoflitsy

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 Looks like a lovely place to walk. Milo certainly seems to be enjoying it. ❤️🐶 1d
Crazeedi Looks like a beautiful day for a walk! 1d
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