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The Word Game
The Word Game | Steena Holmes
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For overprotective parent Alyson Ward, any time her daughter, Lyla, is out of sight is reason to panic. So it's a big step for her when she lets Lyla attend a sleepover at her cousin's house. Comforted by the knowledge that her sister, Tricia, is the chaperone, Alyson does the one thing she never thought possible: she lets go and trusts that her daughter will be safe. But Alyson's sense of peace is short lived. When Lyla comes home the next morning, she reveals something that could tear apart not only their family but also the entire community. Now, Alyson and Tricia must confront their painful shared past as they come together to help a little girl who they fear might be harboring terrible secrets similar to their own. Will the sisters be strong enough to face their demons in order to protect the child, even if it means telling their most private truths?
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The Word Game | Steena Holmes
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Ok #teamfozziwig here we go! I will start it off! We can go through the alphabet more than once! #wintergames @Clwojick @StayCurious

BarkingMadRun Ambrosia 2mo
cwarnier Baby 2mo
mabell Cheesecake 2mo
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Hestapleton Decorations 2mo
mabell Eggnog - Sorry @BarkingMadRun 😆 2mo
BarkingMadRun 😂😂 2mo
thereadingunicorn fury socks
TheDaysGoBy Gingerbread cookies 2mo
BarkingMadRun Honey Ham 2mo
mabell Ice cream cake 2mo
cwarnier Jingle bells 2mo
mabell Kolache 2mo
BarkingMadRun I had to google kolache @mabell it looks yummy! 2mo
BarkingMadRun Linzer tarts 2mo
mabell @BarkingMadRun There is a “Kolache Factory” near our house, and we‘ve had them a few times. These are basically buns stuffed with different fillings. 😄 2mo
mabell Malbec 🍷 2mo
cwarnier Nuts 2mo
mabell Oatmeal Cookies 2mo
cwarnier Presents 2mo
mabell Quiche 2mo
cwarnier Silver bells 2mo
mabell Taco dip 🌮 2mo
cwarnier Uber driver. I want to have fun and get home safely. 2mo
mabell @cwarnier Ha nice! 😄 2mo
mabell Veggie platter 2mo
britt_reads Wine 2mo
mabell Xylophone (accompaniment for Christmas carols 😆) 2mo
cwarnier Yams 2mo
mabell Zucchini bread 2mo
BarkingMadRun You can start over but you can‘t repeat answers 2mo
britt_reads Apple cider 2mo
mabell Buche de Noel 2mo
cwarnier Candy Canes
britt_reads Donuts 2mo
mabell Ha I was just about to type that @britt_reads 😄 2mo
mabell Eggplant Parmesan 2mo
cwarnier Elves 2mo
Sharpeipup Figgy pudding. 2mo
Sharpeipup @mabell @BarkingMadRun Kolaches are a family recipe...I loved my grandma‘s apricot ones....yum! 2mo
mabell @Sharpeipup I‘ve never had homemade! And apricot sounds delicious! Is it a secret recipe? 😄 2mo
Sharpeipup Not at all. I‘d be happy to send you the recipe if you want it... 2mo
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The Word Game | Steena Holmes
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Head over to @TheReadingMermaid ‘s page to play! Such a fabulous idea - let‘s keep the word train going! ♥️♥️♥️

TheReadingMermaid Thanks for sharing sweetie ❤️🤗💕 2y
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