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Marvellous March
Marvellous March: Positive, Motivational and Inspirational Quotes/Thoughts for You | Sandeep Sharma
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This book provides you with a list of 100 quotes and thoughts about LIFE, churned out by my mind with the consciousness, grace and energy of Shiva Shakti. I'm sure if you keep reading, referring, sharing these thoughts and quotes about LIFE, you may derive inspiration and develop good understanding of various perspectives and facts. To create a positive environment around you, all you have to do is enjoy the marvellous march of truth, honesty, humility and kindness before you."Beautiful mind conceives good thoughts, based on which your actions are defined, paving way for a Marvellous March of mankind."I sincerely hope, you will find this book amazing, interesting, rejuvenating, unique and a constant source of Inspiration.Thank You and Happy Reading.
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I read 9 books in March.

I got 2 bingos in March.

TheSpineView Well done! 2w
Gissy Great!📚📚📚👏👏👏 2w
DieAReader 🥳Awesome!! 2w
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jamield1911 Lessons in Chemistry was great! 2w
EadieB @jamield1911 Thanks! I‘m looking forward to reading it! 2w
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Fabulous month!!! 2w
Andrew65 That‘s excellent. Well done 👏👏👏 2w
EadieB @Andrew65 Thanks! 2w
DieAReader 🥳Awesome!! 1w
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Well, I'm not currently working, so I can't think of a better time to indulge in a 9 day readathon.
Finish The Man Who Fell to Earth for #LitsySciFiBookClub (although I might have it finished before the readathon starts)
Finish The Archive Undying on audio
Start Everyone On This Train Is A Suspect on audio
Start Rabbits
Put a big dent in UFO (it's a chunkster at 856 pgs)
Read 5 or more hours a day.
#MarvellousMarch @Andrew65