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Brain Energy: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding Mental Health--And Improving Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, Ocd, Pts
Brain Energy: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding Mental Health--And Improving Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, Ocd, Pts | Christopher M Palmer
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Nautilus Book Awards Gold Winner in Psychology/Mental & Emotional Well-Bein Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Finalist in Health 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist This is the book that will forever change the way we understand and treat mental health. If you or someone you love is affected by mental illness, it might change your life. We are in the midst of a global mental health crisis, and mental illnesses are on the rise. But what causes mental illness? And why are mental health problems so hard to treat? Drawing on decades of research, Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Chris Palmer outlines a revolutionary new understanding that for the first time unites our existing knowledge about mental illness within a single framework: Mental disorders are metabolic disorders of the brain. Brain Energy explains this new understanding of mental illness in detail, from symptoms and risk factors to what is happening in brain cells. Palmer also sheds light on the new treatment pathways this theory opens up--which apply to all mental disorders, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, alcoholism, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, autism, and even schizophrenia. Brain Energy pairs cutting-edge science with practical advice and strategies to help people reclaim their mental health. This groundbreaking book reveals: Why classifying mental disorders as "separate" conditions is misleadingThe clear connections between mental illness and disorders linked to metabolism, including diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, pain disorders, obesity, Alzheimer's disease, and epilepsyThe link between metabolism and every factor known to play a role in mental health, including genetics, inflammation, hormones, neurotransmitters, sleep, stress, and traumaThe evidence that current mental health treatments, including both medications and therapies, likely work by affecting metabolismNew treatments available today that readers can use to promote long-term healing Palmer puts together the pieces of the mental illness puzzle to provide answers and offer hope. Brain Energy will transform the field of mental health, and the lives of countless people around the world.
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I switched from audiobook to hardback. There were too many things I needed to remember. So far it's been fascinating. Maple thinks so too.

CatLass007 Maple😻 6mo
Texreader Maple is such a cutie!! 6mo
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I think Christopher Palmer is more interesting in person. I wasn‘t blown away with this book but I think his research is very interesting.