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True Confessions
True Confessions: A Novel | John Gregory Dunne
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In 1940s Los Angeles, an unidentified murder victim is found bisected in a shadowy lot. A catchy nickname is given her in jest The Virgin TrampOCO?and suddenly a ?nice little homicide that would have drifted off the front pages in a couple of daysOCO becomes a storm center. Two brothers, Tom and Des Spellacy, are at the heart of this powerful novel of Irish-Catholic life in Southern California just after World War II. Played in the film version by Robert Duvall and Robert De Niro respectively, Tom is a homicide detective and Des is a priest on the rise within the Church. The murder investigation provides the background against which are played the ever changing loyalties of the two brothers. Theirs is a world of favors and fixes, power and promises, inhabited by priests and pimps, cops and contractors, boxers and jockeys and lesbian fight promoters and lawyers who know how to put the fix in. A fast-paced and often hilarious classic of contemporary fiction, "True Confessions" is about a crime that has no solutions, only victims. More important, it is about the complex relationship between Tom and Des Spellacy, each tainted with the guilt and hostility that separate brothers. "
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True Confessions: A Novel | John Gregory Dunne
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It wasn‘t until I read the dedications page (for Dorothy Burns Dunne, Joan Didion, Quintana Roo Dunne) that I realized this was Didion‘s husband! But it has motivated me to commit myself to this somewhat complicated read. Dunne‘s writing style is unique and he moves rapidly through dialogue and multiple POV‘s, requiring my full attention 🧐 Hoping I can get into the rhythm and enjoy this one since it‘s my MIL‘s book club pick!

Reviewsbylola Wow, I didn‘t realize that. And also, your blurb has me worried that I‘ll hate this. 2mo
emilyhaldi I‘m almost halfway @Reviewsbylola and so far it‘s 10% about the murder and 90% about the business dealings of the 2 MC brothers- one a priest, the other a cop. Some of the commentary is funny but a lot of the content is 😴 2mo
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True Confessions: A Novel | John Gregory Dunne
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1. Throne of Glass - wanted to strangle the MC
2. No clue - what do you guys hate?
3. Bella and Edward - ick!
4. Realistic Fiction
5. Caelena from Throne of Glass
6. Richelle Mead
7. Love triangles
8. Vampire Academy
9. I equally liked Me before You in both formats


True Confessions: A Novel | John Gregory Dunne
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1. 50 Shades of (Really Horribly Written Sex Scenes) Grey
2. How is it popular & people hate it? But many readers here won't read diversely 😩still I try! Ex: March❣️
3. When Lori went with Jake instead of Gus in Lonesome Dove-Damn
4. Thrillers. Esp the Gone Girl Type
5. Gone Girl ⬆️⬆️ Must like SOMEONE
6. Gillean Flynn/James Patterson ⬆️⬆️
7. Dystopian young Female Warrior with Powers
8. 50 Shades🤦🏻‍♀️
9. Rob Roy, Moll Flanders, Atonement

EllieDottie Love your answers! 🎉❤️ 2y
Sydsavvy @EllieDottie lol thanks! It felt very therapeutic to vent 🤣 2y
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True Confessions: A Novel | John Gregory Dunne
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This is my current status. I'm not forcing myself to read, either. I'm hoping that just riding this book funk out will help it pass more quickly. In the meantime, read for me, please. 🙂

BookishMarginalia This too shall pass. In the meantime, hang tight! 3y
Godmotherx5 Rest & enjoy Litsy. 3y
DiruVamp We've all been there. It will pass. I agree don't force yourself. Just focus on other interests for now 3y
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Penny_LiteraryHoarders Geez. I hear ya. Let's hope it passes quickly! 3y
bookwormkara Feel readerly soon!😌 3y
Notafraidofwords I was just in this funk. Don't force yourself like I did. I made myself miserable. 3y
Gleefulreader Ooh - I hate that. But it always ends up passing sooner or later. Hope you are back at it soon! 3y
margreads I haven't really been reading for a good couple of years. It sucks. 3y
Hugoreads I have come to accept these slumps as part of the lifecycle of a life-long reader. 3y
ValerieAndBooks Maybe you can make some of your awesome bookmarks until you get out of your reading slump -- hugs! 3y
LitHousewife @Hugoreads You're right about that. I've actually read a lot this year already. Besides, there's been so much drama in my house, my brain probably just needs a break. 3y
Hugoreads And don't forget @LitHousewife , this isn't a contest. 🏆 3y
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