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Cat in the Window and Other Stories
Cat in the Window and Other Stories: Charlie, Big Jay and Little Bird | Georgia Candoli
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CAT IN THE WINDOW and other stories: CHARLIE, BIG JAY AND LITTLE BIRD Love, friendship, courage, respect and kindness are within these fictional stories; they entertain and teach without being moralistic. CAT IN THE WINDOW - Kitty cat has a keen interest about the fascinating world of his surrounding neighborhood. While reclining on his comfortable window seat in the sun, he observes every nuance. Various species of wildlife maneuver and create spellbinding antics both day and night captivating his interest, and various surrounding sounds are enthralling. An unexpected gift fulfills kitty cat's desires. CHARLIE - Lazy fish Charlie has no desire to leave the cove he calls home, never venturing out to eat or explore. Charlie decides to develop courage and his life changes. BIG JAY AND LITTLE BIRD - A bold bully Jay and a strong little Warbler are very different, but appreciate each other for who they are and what they can do.
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I don't want to play favorites, so here is our other new cat, conveniently by my favorite bookcase. #catsoflitsy

Ruthiella Beautiful photo! 😻 1mo
Tamra Classic! 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm This photo looks so serene. ❤️ And your shelves 😍 1mo
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Cathythoughts Lovely picture 👌🏻 1mo
Cathythoughts Lovely bookcase.. you make me want to go and tidy mine 👍🏻😁 1mo
LeahBergen I‘m zooming in to peek at your shelves! 😆😆 And hello, new kitty! 😘 1mo
batsy Lovely kitty and shelves! 1mo
kspenmoll Poe & Emily say hello!😻😻 1mo
quietjenn @LeahBergen I suspect there are more than a few titles you are familiar with in there! 1mo
quietjenn @kspenmoll hi, Poe and Emily! From Iggy and Dot 😸😺 1mo
BiblioLitten Would love to see a shelfie! 😻 1mo
quietjenn @BiblioLitten I can do that! Stay tuned … 1mo
mandarchy I have book case envy🤩. I'm always pulling the books forward and people push them back. 1mo
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