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20 Times a Lady
20 Times a Lady | Karyn Bosnak
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Bosnak writes with a charming and original voice. Chicago Sun-TimesA smart and bubbly romp, soon to be a major Hollywood motion picture starring Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Zachary Quinto, and Andy Samberg, What s Your Number? by Karyn Bosnak asks and answers the provocative question, how many men are too many? When Delilah Darling exceeds her magic number of twenty ex-lovers without finding Mr. Right, she sets out on a hilarious road trip to discover what went wrong. Originally published as 20 Times a Lady, Bosnak s What s Your Number? has got the number of chick lit romantic comedy fans who are looking for a sassy read with true wit as well as brains."
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20 Times a Lady | Karyn Bosnak
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It's a 3.5🌟 book. Its chick-lit/rom com territory.

Delilah Darling has slept with 19 men when she reads in Cosmo that the average is 10.5, after being laid off and finding herself under her former boss She enters a numbers based tailspin.

On the advice of a priest, who's also one of her now 20 lovers, she draws up a list of men and looks each up. Cue road trips, new dog, and no small amount of self discovery she finds what she's looking for.

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1. 455
3. 3:15
5. 20
7. 26
9. 4
10.45 minutes
15. 6,839
16. 6
17. 0 no library 😪
18. 3
19. 23 & 77
20. a house with 2 floors!! lol

for @Kaye ‘s giveaway

InBooksILive No library! 😭 2y
Kaye 🎁Thanks for playing. Gosh, no library would be rough. 2y
Austen_Nerd @InBooksILive @Kaye We have a county library that is about 45 to 50 minutes away. 2y
Kaye Well, I guess if you make a trip once in awhile and stock up with a huge pile, then can maybe do online renewals, that might work. We are allowed 3 weeks here then 5 renewals if needed. Do you have a limit to the number you can check out ? 2y
Austen_Nerd @Kaye I am not sure, I never go that direction. I would love to use the library, I will have to try to go by there Saturday and see. My main problem is that I work in the opposite direction so it is hard with family and work to get there when they are open. Small towns with crazy hours. lol 2y
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Every week I volunteer at the library shelving books. Every week I have to limit myself to 1 book coming home with me. 😆
these were the top 4 contenders this week.
One made me laugh cause I didn‘t know it was a book and I was curious how it differed from the movie.
One is based on a tv show I loved as a kid.
Two had arresting covers and I was intrigued by them.

Guess which one came home with me today... hint: not the tagged book

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MrBook Oooh! The Carp Castle has the best cover. 2y
Bookzombie I did not know that the Anna Farris movie was a book or that Clarissa Explains It All had a book. Interesting. 2y
Eyelit @Bookzombie Right?!? 2y
Bookzombie @Eyelit I think the Clarissa book came home with you. If so, I want to know if you enjoyed it. 🙂 2y
Eyelit @Bookzombie that one didn‘t come home with me this week - but I‘ve def added to my for later list 😃. Also - I need to see if Clarissa explains it all is streaming anywhere 🤣 (edited) 2y
dariazeoli I was going to guess Clarissa, too ☺️ 2y
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20 Times a Lady | Karyn Bosnak
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Managed to finish my third #asseenontv book.
This was a fun idea, thanks for setting it up ladies.

monkeygirlsmama Nice job! 3y
BibliophileMomma Awesome! 3y
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20 Times a Lady | Karyn Bosnak
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Thank you @DHill for having included this as part of my #cupidgoespostal gift. I'd read it over twenty years ago, but only recalled one scene from the book. I don't often reread, but this one ended up feeling like a whole new book.

Now onto my third #asseenontv selection, the linked book that was used as the basis for the film 'What's Your Number?'

JoeStalksBeck 👏👏😁😁😁 3y
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