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When the Rivers Ran Red
When the Rivers Ran Red: An Amazing Story of Courage and Triumph in America's Wine Country | Vivienne Sosnowski
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Today, millions of people around the world enjoy California's legendary wines, unaware that 90 years ago the families who made these wines--and in many cases still do turned to struggle and subterfuge to save the industry we now cherish. When Prohibition took effect in 1919, three months after one of the greatest California grape harvests of all time, violence and chaos descended on Northern California. Federal agents spilled thousands of gallons of wine in the rivers and creeks, gun battles erupted on dark country roads, and local law enforcement officers, sympathetic to their winemaking neighbors, found ways to run circles around the intruding authorities. For the state's winemaking families--many of them immigrants from Italy--surviving Prohibition meant facing impossible decisions, whether to give up the idyllic way of life their families had known for generations, or break the law to enable their wine businesses and their livelihood to survive. Including moments of both desperation and joy, Sosnowski tells the inspiring story of how ordinary people fought to protect to a beautiful and timeless culture in the lovely hills and valleys of now-celebrated wine country.
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United States, 1919 - the Prohibition era began, making the selling and consumption of alcoholic beverages illegal. This was also the beginning of a good year for grape harvesting and winemaking in California‘s Napa Valley. This nonfiction accounts looks at the lengths these wine producers went in order to make their products. On my #tbr list & selected for today as one of the few books I have with ran in the title! #IRan #RedRoseSeptember

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