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Surfacing | Kathleen Jamie
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A new collection of essays exploring the nature of time and place in a shrinking world, from Kathleen Jamie, the award-winning author of Sightlines. In this remarkable collection, part travelogue, part cultural and personal history, poet and author Kathleen Jamie touches points on a timeline spanning millennia, and considers what surfaces and what reconnects us to our past. From the thawing tundra linking a Yup'ik village in Alaska to its hunter-gatherer past to the shifting sand dunes revealing the impressiely preserved homes of neolithic farmers in Scotland, Jamie explores how the changing natural world can alter our sense of time. Most movingly, she considers, as her father dies and her children leave home, the surfacing of an older, less tethered sense of herself. In precise, luminous prose, Surfacing offers a profound sense of time passing and an antidote to all that is instant, ephemeral, unrooted.
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Surfacing | Kathleen Jamie
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Kathleen Jamie‘s new book arrived today - my favourite Scottish poet - this time prose. Very happy 😊
The book starts: she‘s in a West Highland cave...on the next page the bones of a bear are discovered - which turn out to be 45,000 years old...

DivineDiana Sounds like a great read! Stacked! 2mo
Severnmeadows @DivineDiana Great! 😊 I just love her work. 2mo
Palimpsest Pretty cover and I like your linen background as well. 2mo
Severnmeadows @Palimpsest 😊 Thankyou. Surfacing is resting on a cushion- I‘m fond of them too 2mo
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