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The Perfect Letter
The Perfect Letter: A Novel | Chris Harrison
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Chris Harrison, the beloved longtime host of ABCs The Bachelor, explores the perils and rewards of risking everything for love in his first novel. As the longtime host of ABCs hit shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Chris Harrison has witnessed the joys and heartbreak of men and women searching for everlasting love. A true romantic at heart, he believes that everyone deserves their own fairytale ending. Now, in his first work of fiction, Chris draws on his unique insights and wisdom in a remarkable debut novel that explores love and its consequencesa must-read for Bachelor fans and hopeless romantics everywhere.
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I have an exciting thing to share with my Litsy community! I started a podcast with one of my really good friends and it's a bachelor recap show. Yes, trashy TV at its finest. If you're interested, we're pending in most podcast stores right now but you can find us at http://anchor.fm/fantasysweets

ReadZenRites Hey Congratulations!!🎉😊💕 1y
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Confession time. I have a HUGE guilty pleasure. It's the whole Bachelor franchise. Idk if any of you Littens share in this guilty pleasure but if you do (or just want to do this for fun you're welcome) I have a Bachelor Bracket which is more fun than Fantasy Football IMHO. Anyway it's week to week, and any/all of you are welcome to join!

Cinfhen Hehe 😂I stopped a while back but my daughter is still fully invested ~ ill share the bracket with her 👍🏻 3y
maximoffs @Cinfhen heheh you could totally do it too just for fun. Random selection hahaha 3y
saresmoore Haha! That's awesome. And way better than fantasy football! 3y
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maximoffs @saresmoore my thoughts exactly! Plus you don't have to watch 729274838 games. Just the one show! 3y
Ange44 Yes! Definitely my biggest guilty pleasure!! 3y
mklong I'll confess to the same guilty pleasure. I especially love Nick!! Your bracket sounds fun but I read the Reality Steve spoilers so I'd be sandbagging if I joined. 3y
maximoffs @Ange44 join us! @mklong I couldn't read spoilers! 3y
shanebeth hi, I'm obsessed too. 🙋🏼 I don't feel like I can do the fantasy leagues because I'm a spoiler addict, lol. (edited) 3y
moranadatter I don't really share it, but I watched one season of the show because I went to high school with one of the contestants. 3y
Ange44 I just joined! I'm an episode late, though, so I have some catching up to do! 3y
maximoffs @shanebeth yay for obsessed! I can't do spoilers tbh :( I love not knowing. @kmdartist which one!!! @Ange44 most people didn't get their brackets in on time so not too far behind 3y
maximoffs @kmdartist I didn't see that season 😭 3y
moranadatter I didn't realize it was 10 years ago. 3y
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There are no new episodes of the Bachelor for awhile, but at least I can still have Chris Harrison in my life this Monday! #Bachelor #Romance

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Destressing with ice cream and my huge non book guilty pleasure: 🌴Bachelor in Paradise🌴🌺⛱

Anyone else watch?

WordWaller My friend and I have been talking about watching just for kicks, but she doesn't like waiting a week so we might wait until it's all done. 3y
maximoffs @WordWaller I'm so obsessed it's sad 3y
CaitlinSiem Oh yeah. All the Bachelor shows and Big Brother are my reality tv shows. 3y
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Library-Belle I will admit that I'm a member of Bachelor Nation... Totally wishing Carly can find a happy ending this season 3y
maximoffs @Library-Belle ME TOO! I also really like Amanda/Nick but I LOVE Amanda so much 3y
maximoffs @CaitlinSiem BB IS EVERYTHING 3y
Shemac77 Yes!!! 3y
BookClubShmookClub I still haven't watched this season yet but I LOVE reality tv. Find you a girl who can do both 👍 3y
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My bachelor obsession is only slightly out of hand.