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Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus
Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus | Marvel Comics
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Death has released Thanos from her cold embrace, and he plans to repay her by murdering half the universe! But even as the Mad Titan gathers the six Infinity Gems from across the galaxy, assembling them into the Infinity Gauntlet and gaining truly godlike powers, a host of heroes gather to oppose him...including the Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Dr. Strange, the Hulk and many more! Even with Dr. Doom, Galactus and the universe's cosmic powers aiding them, can Marvel's mightiest possibly prevail against Thanos the all-powerful? COLLECTING: Silver Surfer (1987) 34-38, 40, 44-60; Thanos Quest 1-2; Infinity Gauntlet 1-6; Cloak & Dagger (1988) 18; Spider-Man (1990) 17; Incredible Hulk 383-385; Dr. Strange, Sorceror Supreme 31-36; Quasar 26-27; Sleepwalker 7
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Thanos has been my favorite comic villain ever since I first read The Infinity Gauntlet. He has a great back story, incredible power, and an undying love for Death. In the comics, Thanos' love for her is what motivates him to kill entire universes, and whatever pesky heroes stand in the way (sorry Cap). My favorite comic series of all time is Annihilation. Thanos plays a big part in it, and is great as ever.
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Caterina That's so interesting, because I can only assume Thanos's name comes from θάνατος, thanatos, the Greek word for death. 3mo
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This was pretty good, but it's pretty different from the Marvel cinematic universe. I'm curious to see how closely End Game will tie in to this. Less than a week to go!