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Beneath the Darkening Sky
Beneath the Darkening Sky | Majok Tulba
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On the day that Obinnas village is savagely attacked by the rebel army and his father murdered, he witnesses violence beyond his imagination. Along with his older brother he finds himself thrown into a truck when the soldiers leave, to be shaped into an agent of horror a child soldier. Marched through minefields and forced into battle, enduring a brutal daily existence, Obinna slowly works out which parts of himself to save and which to sacrifice in this world turned upside down.
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#readaroundtheworld #southsudan From the moment he witnessed his own father‘s beheading we share in the shaping of this smart and slightly hapless young man‘s slow transformation into a skilled killer. The novel is told simply through the boy‘s narration and because it makes you care for him, I found myself feeling complicit as he opted to attempt to survive as a child soldier rather than simply welcome death. Chilling.

RachelO I‘ve started this, but stalled. As you say, it‘s simply told, but it makes it more horrific! I *WILL* steel myself to finish it next week... 8mo
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I‘ve found some library titles to reserve for #readaroundtheworld #SouthSudan next month. Beneath the Darkening Sky is about a child soldier, a fate the author narrowly avoided through being just too short. Taban Io Liyong was a poet born in South Sudan.

I would also liked to have tried Withered Flowers by Stella Gaitano, but it‘s not easily available.

Has anyone found any other recommendations from South Sudan?

mreads On my TBR but I've not read this author who grew up in Sudan 9mo
BookwormM I am going with 9mo
RachelO @Lcsmcat Wow - that sounds like a hard read. I‘ll look out for it - thanks! 9mo
RachelO @mreads @bookwormm Thank you! I hadn‘t made the Sudan connection with Leila Aboulela - she‘s been on my tbr for ages. 9mo
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