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The Favourite Game
The Favourite Game | Leonard Cohen
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In this unforgettable novel, Leonard Cohen boldly etches the youth and early manhood of Lawrence Breavman, only son of an old Jewish family in Montreal. Life for Breavman is made up of dazzling colour a series of motion pictures fed through a high-speed projector: the half-understood death of his father; the adult games of love and war, with their infinite capacity for fantasy and cruelty; his secret experiments with hypnotism; the night-long adventures with Krantz, his beloved comrade and confidant. Later, achieving literary fame as a college student, Breavman does penance through manual labour, but ultimately flees to New York. And although he has loved the bodies of many women, it is only when he meets Shell, whom he awakens to her own beauty, that he discovers the totality of love and its demands, and comes to terms with the sacrifices he must make.
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The Favourite Game | Leonard Cohen
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My current total for the #24B4Monday #readathon is 7 hours and 30 minutes, and I finished The Favourite Game, Leonard Cohen's first novel.

Being a lifelong fan of Cohen's music, I found this book interesting for its semi-autobiographical aspects. It's a coming-of-age story about a young writer/musician from Montreal.

The Favourite Game | Leonard Cohen
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I'll do another attempt at #24B4Monday! Hope to get more Hugo Voter Packing done, with Best Novel nominee Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse. #hugoawards #hugo2019

Unfortunately, I don't have any banned books for the theme, but I am reading a book by Leonard Cohen who had another of his books (Beautiful Losers) banned.

Good luck to everyone participating!

Caterina Oh I just finished Trail of Lightning yesterday, I could hardly stop listening! It's the perfect readathon book 5mo
Caterina Good luck! 👍😊 5mo
TheReadingMermaid No worries on the theme sweetheart. It's just a suggestion. We are just happy that you are taking part and having fun 😊😁 5mo
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kwmg40 @Caterina So glad to hear you liked Trail of Lightning! I‘m really looking forward to reading it. 5mo
kwmg40 @TheReadingMermaid Thanks! I always enjoy participating in this readathon. 5mo
Andrew65 Best of luck with the readathon. 😊👍 5mo
kwmg40 @Andrew65 Thank you! Same to you! (edited) 5mo
Andrew65 @kwmg40 Thanks 😊 5mo
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The Favourite Game | Leonard Cohen
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Thanks for the tag @ju.ca.no.

#GettingToKowYou @Tiffy_Reads

📚 Green - any shade
📚 Autumn
📚 Romance (used to be thrillers)
📚 reading, knitting, crocheting, learning new things
📚 roasted nuts and sunflower seeds
📚 tea
📚 nerdy tee-shirts
Tagging all of you who haven't done this yet 😉, and @the_magicreader

kamoorephoto Nerdy t-shirts, huh? Hmmm, good suggestion for a box! 2y
julesG @kamoorephoto Right! Used to teach students of sciences and technology, they even told me when nerdy shirts were on sale somewhere. 😁 2y
kamoorephoto @julesG That‘s awesome 🤓 My son goes to a STEM school so being ‘nerdy‘ is cool 👍🏼 2y
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The Favourite Game | Leonard Cohen
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Favourite Hobby: writing, mixmedia arting, tabletop gaming
Favourite Drink: diet Dr. Pepper
Favourite Food: 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫
Favourite Colour: Dark purple, black, blue
Favourite City: Montréal, Paris
Where my dream house would be: in Montréal, in/near Côte-des-Neiges
Favourite Accessory: my glasses, blind without
Favourite TV show: Star Trek: TOS
Last movie seen in a theatre: Wonder Woman👍
Current read: (I'm writing)

The Favourite Game | Leonard Cohen
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Oops: Part 1. Buying books when all my shelves are way past full.

RealLifeReading No idea what that Sand book is but the cover looks great! 3y
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