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Cooking for Hormone Balance
Cooking for Hormone Balance: A Proven, Practical Program with Over 125 Easy, Delicious Recipes to Boost Energy and Mood, Lower Inflammation, Gain Strength, and Restore a Healthy Weight | Magdalena Wszelaki
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A breakthrough program with more than 125 tempting, nutrient-dense recipes for thyroid conditions, Hashimotos, adrenal fatigue, menopause, endometriosis, fibroids, breast health, PMS, PCOS, and other hormonal imbalances. Millions of women suffer from the life-altering, often debilitating symptoms resulting from hormonal imbalances: stubborn weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, depression, insomnia, digestive issues, and more. The good news is that most of these conditions are reversible. Integrative hormone and nutrition expert Magdalena Wszelaki knows this first-hand. Developing hyperthyroidism and then Hashimotos, adrenal fatigue, and estrogen dominance propelled her to leave a high-pressured advertising career and develop a new way of eating that would repair and keep her hormones working smoothly. Now symptom free, Magdalena shares her practical, proven knowledge so other women may benefit. Drawing on current research and the programs she has developed and used to help thousands of women, she offers clear, concise action plans for what to remove and add to our daily diet to regain hormonal balance, including guides for specific conditions and more than 125 easy-to-prepare, flavorful, and anti-inflammatory recipes that are free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and nightshades and low in sugar. Based on twenty hormone-supporting superfoods and twenty hormone-supporting super herbswith modifications for Paleo, Paleo for Autoimmunity (AIP), anti-Candida, and low-FODMAP dietsthese healing recipes include a terrific selection for everyday meals, from Sweet Potato and Sage Pancakes and Honey Glazed Tarragon Chicken to a Decadent Chocolate Cherry Smoothie. With make-ahead meals, under-thirty-minute recipes, and time-saving tips and techniques, Cooking for Hormone Balance emphasizes minimal effort for maximum resultsa comprehensive food-as-medicine approach for tackling hormone imbalance and eating your way to better health.
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When Paleo just doesn‘t cut it. Sigh.

This book is comprehensive and, I think, will prove to be quite beneficial. 🤞

tracey38 I may have to look for this. I have PCOS and have tried paleo but may need something else. 5y
saresmoore @tracey38 I recommend at least getting hold of a library copy if you can and reading the introduction. She makes sense of hormone imbalances and then offers guidelines for a comprehensive elimination diet, followed by more life/diet strategies for specific issues, including PCOS. It‘s pretty intense as far as elimination goes, but if you‘ve done Paleo, I don‘t think it would be too intimidating. 5y
Nutmegnc @tracey38 @saresmoore i have PCOS as well and deal with such severe symptoms that I went on an anti inflammatory diet two years ago. I feel better but still have lots of symptoms. My breath caught when I saw this! I will def be checking that out! 5y
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saresmoore @Nutmegnc Hooray! I hope this will help you! The recipes are delicious, but some call for ingredients and prep for which I‘m not willing to fork over the cash or time! But still excellent principles and a very helpful system. 5y
bobregina @tracey38 @Nutmegnc I have PCOS too, so I‘m very excited about this Amy Medling book, ‘Healing PCOS‘. I‘ve never had much help from my doctors and I‘ve been understanding that food is really important to get over this condition 5y
RebelReader @saresmoore @Nutmegnc @tracey38 My daughter suffers from PCOS too and doctors have been no help. I‘m gonna pass both these books on to her. I learn so much stuff on Litsy. Thanks for sharing. 👍🏻❤️ 5y
daena This looks great! Looking for some new creative recipes that are free of gluten, dairy and soy to deal with my own Autoimmune stuff. 5y
saresmoore @daena This would be a great launching point for that. She lists AIP mods at the bottom of each recipe, if they don‘t already comply. The first level of elimination is pretty darn close to AIP, anyway. 5y
saresmoore @bobregina @RebelReader Diet change really is the first and foremost solution to hormone imbalance. And hormone imbalance is the cause of so many other issues! Doctors don‘t typically help much because you can‘t write a prescription for lifestyle change. 5y
tracey38 Yes, food is definitely a big deal with PCOS in helping insulin resistance, which will help with other related conditions PCOS causes. Unfortunately it is a life-long battle as PCOS isn't ever cured. 5y
ValerieAndBooks Looks interesting and helpful!! Is it only for PCOS? Or also conditions such as (sigh) menopause? 5y
saresmoore @ValerieAndBooks It is helpful for all hormone imbalances in women. My mom is using it for menopause-related imbalances and I‘m using it to address low progesterone/high estrogen caused by stress (high cortisol). 5y
ValerieAndBooks I should have read the Litsy blurb before asking 😊. Hope it‘ll help you and your mom. I have Hashimoto‘s also, so was glad to find my library has this — put it on reserve! 5y
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