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Election Day: A Harry Cassidy Novel
Election Day: A Harry Cassidy Novel | Henry Hack
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In order to prevent America's descent into socialism, The Minutemen, led by the charismatic Christopher Steadman, attempts to influence hundreds of congressional races by targeted killings and media intimidation. Former NYMPD Commissioner Harry Cassidy, at first sympathetic to their cause, joins the battle against them when his FBI agent daughter, Lizzy, is shot during an attack. The Minutemen are defeated, but the election results leads the country into becoming a socialist state, turning American citizens into welfare dependent slaves ruled by despotic politicians. Harry and Steadman now join forces to attempt to reverse this situation-and they don't wait for the next election to accomplish it. This political thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as the final battle to save America is joined.
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Hope everyone voted.

Leftcoastzen Darling! 10mo
MaGoose Yup. 10mo
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CouronneDhiver 💙 10mo
BarbaraBB Too cute 😍 9mo
Ericalambbrown Look at those sweet little elfin ears! 😍 8mo
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