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Really Cross Stitch
Really Cross Stitch: For when You Just Want to Stab Something a Lot | Rayna Fahey
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Inspired by the banners and signs at recent marches around the world, Really Cross Stitch takes all of that anger, outrage, and protest and puts it inside a decorative border . . . along with some snarky commentary and general annoyance. Stitching for public protest is not new. First-wave feminists in the US and in Britain used needlework in their demonstrations and public protest lectures during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Needlework and other handcrafts, however, declined throughout the twentieth century. But in the 21st century, there has been a steep resurgence and many are turning to crafting, especially needlework, as an activist strategy. In Knitting for Good, feminist Betsy Greer makes this point strongly when she proclaims, I think every act of making is an act of revolution. Featuring more than 40 truly original cross stitch designs, the book also contains instructions on techniques for new stitchers. The projects include: - I am very upset - Brace yourself--women are coming - Too many issues to fit in one place - Nobody likes you - No you can't take my rights, I'm still using them - Just Urgh - I can't believe I still have to protest this shit - Girls just wanna have FUNdamental rights - Damn right we're snowflakes; winter is coming! - Gram 'em by the patriarchy - I will not go quietly back to the 1950s - Same shit, different century - I'm so angry I made this - We're not just nasty women, we're REVOLTING - My body, my insatiable thirst for revenge - Down with this sort of thing -Nevertheless she persisted - We are sisters
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#quotsyjune19 @TK-421 #pattern One of my favourite hobbies is cross stitching snarky sayings. I love the uber feminist/political patterns in this book and the quote “You know politics has gone completely ridiculous when scientists have to take to the streets in the name of well, facts.”

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I keep getting inspired by all you crafty littens so I decided to pick up crossstitch again. Loved the designs from the tagged book and decided to make this my first project.
I personally love experts and science and this will get pride of place somewhere in my flat.

GingerAntics 🤣😂🤣 how did I know this was you? Can‘t wait to see this finished!!! 5mo
Oryx I love this! 5mo
Aimeesue I love that! Poor ratty vectors! 5mo
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Weaponxgirl @GingerAntics 🤣 am I that predictable now? 5mo
Weaponxgirl @Oryx @Aimeesue I thought this would be appreciated on here 😁🖤 5mo
GingerAntics No, just that sense of humour. If I took up cross stitch again it would be something like this, too. 🤣😂🤣 5mo
JoyBlue OMG—thanks for letting me know this was a thing. I just put it on hold at my library. I should have it in my hot little hands by Saturday. I haven't cross-stitched in years; but, maybe I'll be inspired to do it again occasionally. 😂
Weaponxgirl @GingerAntics it had some great ones in it! I‘ll share them with you sometime. I just love the mix of very nice stereotypical feminine activity combined with lets f%ck shit up. I love reclaiming stuff like this from people who think it‘s what we should be doing. 5mo
Weaponxgirl @JoyBlue I haven‘t either but I used to enjoy it. But I got to a point where a lot of designs didn‘t feel like me so seeing this book made me very happy. There‘s quite a lot out there now including this one gifted to me which will get utilised afterwards if all goes well with this. 5mo
GingerAntics I feel like maybe we should all cross stitch middle fingers for those folks. 😏 5mo
JoyBlue @Weaponxgirl 😎💙 5mo
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Thought I‘d post a pic while I‘ve got it out of the hoop. About halfway done. #crossstitch #audiostitch I have listened to a few audio books while stitching this. Not today though.

CoffeeNBooks That's beautiful! 6mo
Julsmarshall gorgeous! 6mo
robinb ♥️♥️♥️ 6mo
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If anyone is looking for a new cross stitch project or is interested in trying their hand at cross stitch, this book is great place to look. #godbless

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I feel that I should have written this book 📖 📚📖📚📖

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Like this one!

Mommamanzi This is awesome haha! 2y
drokka I believe I need a copy of this pattern. 2y
ghosthost 😍 2y
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My LYS has an advertisement for this book with some sample patterns. This is amazing.

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Picked this up from the library last week because I like the title and subtitle 😂 I don't know if I'll actually make any of them but the patterns look simple and easy.

MCYmermaid 😂 2y
Pamwurtzler HAHAHAHA! 2y
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