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Crawlspace | Nikki Wallschlaeger
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This second collection by Nikki Wallschlaeger contains sonnets and sonnet sequences, incorporating allusions to foremothers Wanda Coleman, Lucille Clifton & Bernadette Mayer, among others. Whereas her first volume of poetry, Houses, explored lived-in space, Crawlspace goes deeper, under, beyond.
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Crawlspace | Nikki Wallschlaeger
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Austin folks, do you all know about this? It sounds like fun! Who‘s crawling? There are prizes, and who wouldn‘t want to spend the day checking out all of Austin‘s independent bookstores?


jpmcwisemorgan I‘d love to do this but I‘ll be in Houston to see the Van Gogh exhibit. Maybe I‘ll get to do this one year! 1mo
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jpmcwisemorgan @alysonwrites might be interested in this, and the book club. 1mo
Felso This looks great!! 1mo
Ke633 That looks awesome!! Also, @jpmcwisemorgan I‘m going to the Van Gogh exhibit that this weekend!! So excited! My brother and I are also going to eat at the Hobbit Cafe. 😂😂 1mo
Soubhiville @jpmcwisemorgan yes! She‘s coming to the bookclub, I just forgot to tag her here. Thanks for remembering her! 1mo
Eyelit I‘ve got this in my calendar! I think @shrewandsnail has done it in the past. @marixa - tagging you in case you‘d be interested 😃 1mo
alysonwrites @jpmcwisemorgan Thanks for the tag! This looks fun. I was thinking of checking out a new woman-owned bookstore in Georgetown (https://www.larkandowlbooksellers.com) for Indie Bookstore Day, but I‘ll have to choose this or that. 🤔 And yes, I‘m coming to the book club! 1mo
jpmcwisemorgan @alysonwrites Yay for coming to the book club!!! And checking out the Georgetown bookstore sounds good. (edited) 1mo
k.reads Sounds like fun! But, I have family in town that weekend 😔 1mo
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