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Cold Tea on a Hot Day
Cold Tea on a Hot Day | Curtiss Ann Matlock
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Marilee James has a complicated lifecaring for her special-needs son, playing surrogate mother to an abandoned niece and temporarily running the local paper until the new managing editor arrives. She's so busy attending to everyone else that her own yearnings get pushed aside. Then Tate Holloway comes speeding into town in his BMW, bringing his whiz-bang laptop, journalistic integrity and the thrill of remembering what running a small-town newspaper is all about. Tate's a firm believer in the little things that make life worthwhile: overripe peaches, a good dog, a passionate kiss. The kinds of things he thinks Marilee needs to rediscoverwith him. Problem is, she's already engaged. Not about to let a little thing like a fianc stand in his way, Tate sets out to win Marilee's heart, little by little, starting with cold tea on a hot day.
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Cold Tea on a Hot Day | Curtiss Ann Matlock
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Happy Tea Day, Littens!

What‘s your favorite tea?


Bklover Blackberry Sage black tea or one called Easy Does It that‘s an herbal chamomile blend with valerian root. What‘s yours? (edited) 4w
Texreader Oh I‘m a solid black tea drinker so I‘ll take Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast etc. 😋 The smell alone makes me smile and releases endorphins 😂 4w
zezeki Ginger and camomile, or any other with ginger. 😄 4w
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KateReadsYA I love tea that has fruit infused in it. Especially cherry :) there's also one by the brand Pukka that's called "womankind" it has cranberry, rose, and vanilla! It's amazing. 4w
sarahbellum I love black tea in the morning and am a fan of all the ones @Texreader listed 🙃. I also drink mint green tea most weekday afternoons to help me refocus and get through the end of my work day. I love London fog lattes and chai lattes as special treats ☕️ 4w
LeahBergen I love a good black Indian tea like Assam. My second favourite is jasmine green tea! 3w
Amiable I‘m a black tea fanatic, with a special love for the teas from the Yunnan region of China. Yum! 😍🫖 3w
ravenlee This place makes some glorious teas - my favorite is the Rainy Day Blend, though I‘ve tried several and enjoyed them all. https://www.thesouthernkitchenwitchery.com/collections/teas (owner is a friend of mine, but she also makes amazing tea!) 3w
Kshakal I love a good chai!! 3w
CrowCAH @Bklover ooh that sounds good. I like the floral teas or peppermint. 3w
CrowCAH @Texreader oh wow, the small does you in! Lol Good stuff! 3w
CrowCAH @zezeki I don‘t think I‘ve had one with ginger yet. That would help with motion sickness. 3w
CrowCAH @KateReadsYA same, I like fruit flavors, too! Power to “womankind!” 3w
CrowCAH @sarahbellum I‘ve been having a rose tea with mint that helps relax me at work. 3w
CrowCAH @LeahBergen two varieties that are unique! 🫖 3w
CrowCAH @Amiable I‘m not familiar with that region or what teas they specialize in, but I‘m glad you found a region that treats your pallet! 3w
CrowCAH @ravenlee don‘t worry, I love shameless plugs! The pictures did look enticing! 3w
CrowCAH @Kshakal simple and classic. 3w
KateReadsYA @ravenlee my goodness those teas looked delicious. 3w
Amiable @CrowCAH Have you ever had a Golden Monkey tea? Those are from the Yunnan and Fujian provinces. So yummy! 3w
CrowCAH @Amiable no, I haven‘t. I haven‘t tried that many different varieties. I find one I like and kinda stick with it. 3w
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Cold Tea on a Hot Day | Curtiss Ann Matlock
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105 heat index here today. Kids are in the pool and I am reading I the little shade I could find. #poolday #toohot #bookselfie

Cold Tea on a Hot Day | Curtiss Ann Matlock
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