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Lucia in London & Mapp and Lucia
Lucia in London & Mapp and Lucia: The Mapp & Lucia Novels | E. F. Benson
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E. F. Bensons beloved Mapp and Lucia novels are sparkling, classic comedies of manners set against the petty snobberies and competitive maneuverings of English village society in the 1920s and 1930s. The third and fourth novels in the series, Lucia in London (1927) and Mapp and Lucia (1931) continue the adventures of Bensons famously irrepressible characters, and bring them into hilarious conflict. Both Mrs. Lucia Lucas and Miss Elizabeth Mapp are accustomed to complete social supremacy, and when one intrudes on the others territory, war ensues. Lucia sees herself as a benevolentif ruthlessdictator, while Miss Mapp is driven by an insatiable desire for vengeance against the presumptuous interloper. Their skirmishesplayed out on a battlefield composed of dinner parties, council meetings, and art exhibitsenliven the plots of Bensons maliciously witty comedies.
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I have moved on to Lucia and London and it is, as expected, completely delightful. @batsy @LeahBergen 💙💙💙

LeahBergen Isn‘t it, though? 😍😍 1mo
batsy Truly 💙 1mo
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