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Promise Me
Promise Me: How a Sister's Love Launched the Global Movement to End Breast Cancer | Nancy G. Brinker
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The founder and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure shares the inspirational story of her late sister's battle with breast cancer and the author's contributions to establishing one of the world's most influential health advocacy organizations. Reprint. A best-selling book.
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#SoaringScores #TheBattle
Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I wanted to highlight the importance of early detection. It‘s worth the pinch...2/4 of my sister in-laws are both Breast Cancer Survivors and both were under 40 ( one was 28) when they were diagnosed. I wasn‘t at this singing event, but my sister in-law was and I thought it was worth sharing the link https://youtu.be/FQqFzLJXg40

TrishB Lovely post ❤️ 3 of my friends were diagnosed under 40 too. Thankfully +10 years on they‘re all fighting fit and awesome. 1mo
Centique Hey I‘m a survivor too! 😊 I was 35. Very important to get yourself checked 👍👍 1mo
Cinfhen I don‘t think I knew that @Centique 💪🏽💄💋detection is a must @TrishB glad to hear all your friends are fit & strong 💗💗💗💗💗 1mo
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Chrissyreadit Wow! Israel seems to have some powerful events. It seems like such a different perspective than we get in the states. 1mo
Cinfhen I think because the country is so small and so “young” ( 71 years) they do take a different approach when it comes to education and involvement @Chrissyreadit I finally signed up for the next singing initiative taking place January 5!!!! I‘m SO EXCITED 😁 1mo
Chrissyreadit That sounds like an AMAZING time!!! 1mo
CrowCAH Thanks for the PSA, always a good reminder! 1mo
ravenlee My mom was diagnosed at 44 at her first mammogram, and she‘s going strong now at 68. My sister and I have both had suspicious mammograms but they turned out to be nothing. Get your testing done and do your self exams! 1mo
Cinfhen So glad to hear your mom is healthy and going strong 💪🏽 @ravenlee Thanks for sharing the important message about self exams and early detection 💗 1mo
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Some #favesiblings reads that first came to mind...I would recommend all 5! Sorry @Reviewsbylola I know you're not a fan of Sasha & Pearl

Reviewsbylola Funny, I've only read two on your list and didn't really care for either of them. 😂 3y
Cinfhen Which was the other book? @Reviewsbylola 3y
Reviewsbylola Wangs. Some scenes stuck with me (I will never look at ketchup packets in the same way), but overall I felt something was missing and I was bored most of the time. I didn't hate it with a burning 🔥 like Mischling though. 3y
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Cinfhen Yeah, that ketchup scene 😱🙈I thought the Wangs was an easy light read with some underlying stronger important messages. I can see how you might be bored or if you had certain expectations it could disappoint @Reviewsbylola 3y
Cinfhen @shawnmooney I'm ready to mail you this book and the other 2 if you're still interested. Email me your address cindyh666 at iCloud.com 😉💓 3y
Smangela The Weird Sisters 😍 3y
Cinfhen Yay @Smangela another person who 💓💓 3y
shawnmooney I just sent you an email! 😘😘 3y
emilyhaldi lol @Reviewsbylola 🔥🔥🔥🔥 3y
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