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Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express
Mark Bittman's Kitchen Express: 404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less | Mark Bittman
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People who like to eat well without the fuss have always turned to Mark Bittman for his trademark pared-down elegance and contemporary style. In 404 Express, Bittman, author of the popular New York Times column "The Minimalist" and the bestselling How to Cook Everything series, offers readers a new level of ease with recipes that that are no more than a paragraph long. The 404 seasonal recipes are sophisticated as they are simple: on a cold winter night, warm up with White Bean Stew served over crusty slices of oil-rubbed baguette. Welcome spring with Shrimp with Asparagus, Dill or Spice Poached Eggs and Truffled Arugula Prosciutto Salad. Make the most of summer produce with Scallop and Peach Ceviche or Apricot Cream Upside Down Pie, and try Salmon and Sweet Potato with Coconut Curry Sauce or Broiled Brussels Sprouts with Hazelnuts when the air starts to cool. The beautiful, two color cookbook also includes Bittman's complete guide to stocking your pantry, menus for a variety of occasions, and recipe lists that span the seasons.
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#Mtcookbook Citrus sauce for fish. I‘m glad I doubled it for another meal tonight as it will make a good dressing or marinade. It has an ever so slightly bitter edge from grapefruit juice, but is balanced out by the soy sauce, ginger & garlic paste.

I realized I haven‘t posted about this book in 6 years! 😅 I love the format; it‘s a casual, inspirational approach to cooking. Very flexible.

mabell That sounds bright and fresh! What fish did you use? 1mo
Tamra @mabell it was cod - but the sauce would be good with any fish, including shellfish. 1mo
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We've reduced our cookbook collection significantly in the past few years, keeping only top performers and branching out to recipes found on Pinterest. Flour Water Salt Yeast was my birthday present from NOS and (now) DIL. Can't wait to try it out! [Tagged book is our latest addition, but it's still in my office, waiting to join its colleagues.] #cookbooks #RiotGrams

Tamra I did the same and have no regrets. 👍🏾 5y
Tamra Love the tagged book by the way. 5y
JoyBlue @Tamra Great—on both counts! 😎 5y
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I checked this out of the library to peruse and I‘m going to buy a copy for my cookbook collection. It provides a base of inspiration for experienced cooks and are just the kinds of dishes you want to make when you don‘t have the time or desire to spend hours in the kitchen or at the grocery. This is an older one .....I wish I had found it earlier!

benchley1 I love his How to Cook Everything. It's my most used cookbook 6y
Tamra @benchley1 👍🏾 I need to check it out from the library. I‘ve seen it in the bookstore, but I never feel like I get enough time there to really preview cookbooks. Unless it‘s an auto buy author. 😁 6y
benchley1 @Tamra yeah, I have bought it for anyone that moves out if the house and cant cook. Its amazing. 6y
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AmyG @benchley1 Agreed. This book and Ina Gartens are my most used cookbooks. 6y
Leftcoastzen His cookbooks rock.Great reference.Sometimes, when I haven‘t made a classic in a awhile and I think I‘m forgetting a step or ingredient he sets me straight. 6y
Tamra @Leftcoastzen lots of love for Bittman! (edited) 6y
BarbaraTheBibliophage I love him! Thanks for reminding me of his cookbook on my shelf. Here‘s my fav of his work. It‘s a Kindle Single. 6y
Tamra @BarbaraTheBibliophage oh, thank you!! 6y
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