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How Bad Writing Destroyed the World
How Bad Writing Destroyed the World: Ayn Rand and the Literary Origins of the Financial Crisis | Adam Weiner
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Literary history meets economic policy in this entertaining polemic on the ethical and potentially destructive power of terrible literature.
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Today in utterly terrible writing.

Johanna414 Wow... 4mo
Lauredhel @Johanna414 so much worse than "she breasted boobily into the room " 4mo
AmandaEve Oh my!! I lost it at “surface-to-air missiles” 😂🤮🤦🏻‍♀️ 4mo
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TrishB 😱😱 4mo
Redwritinghood Wow - that is bad. 😬 4mo
Moray_Reads 😡“ephemeral ethnic mixtures“?! “male chauvinism - which could not be helped-“?! What is this from?? 😨 4mo
Susanita Oh dear. 😱 4mo
tournevis Gah! My eyes! 4mo
wanderinglynn 😱 No, just no. 😬😵 4mo
JSW Holy shit that‘s bad 4mo
CaliforniaCay 🤮 4mo
Sweetkokoro ಠ_ಠ 4mo
Palimpsest 😟 4mo
Aloisi_tribe This reminds me of the Bulwer-Lytton contest for bad writing. https://www.bulwer-lytton.com/ 4mo
kathedron Ugh! 😬 4mo
Owlizabeth Wow. 4mo
althaeria Wow, that was painful 😱 How does the authors mind work? I'm intrigued and horrified 🤔 4mo
Clare-Dragonfly This has to be a parody, right?! 😰 4mo
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I saw this book at the library yesterday and just about died. I might need to refresh myself on Ayn Rand's books before reading this but you bet I'm going to. The phenomenon of Rand taking over political philosophy on the right in the past decade or so has been something else. 🗑🔥

cc @Yamich49

2BR02B 👏👏👏 2y
ChantelMcCray YES! How anyone could read those books and take them seriously as a philosophy is beyond me. 2y
moranadatter I've never read her fiction. After reading The Virtue of Selfishness for a philosophy course, I never had the desire. 2y
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batsy This sounds so interesting! 2y
Jjohnsen I love anything that speaks poorly of Rand's writing, I'm adding this to my list. 2y
BookishFeminist @Jjohnsen 😂 A+ response 2y
BookishFeminist @moranadatter I've had to for politics classes unfortunately. She intrigues me because I love to hate her, but you aren't missing anything tbh. 2y
BookishFeminist @batsy Doesn't it?! I'll report back when I get to it, which will probably be a while. I haven't understood why people take her so seriously 2y
BookishFeminist @ChantelMcCray Ditto. I don't get it one bit but it's fascinating how many people view her as an idol, especially parsing some of her philosophies but not others. (Anti-government/libertarian but anti-choice for instance, when she was pro- choice.) 2y
batsy @BookishFeminist Same! Also I wonder why people don't take it as a worrying sign that her philosophy seems to be ready-made for pro-capitalist conservatives. That seems to suggest something about her views... 🤔 I look forward to your thoughts on this! 2y
Yamich49 This looks awesome! A pairing with Atlas Shrugged sounds like a wonderful winter read-along! 2y
BookishFeminist @Yamich49 Um, yes! Let's do this. Btw, how've you been? I sent you a message on twitter to check in since you've been having a rough time lately. I hope things have gotten a little better ❤️ 2y
BookishFeminist @batsy She is very pro-capitalist. She's an author i love to psychoanalyze because she was very staunch in her viewpoints. It sounds like a few of us are going to hate-read Atlas Shrugged this winter if you want to join 😂 2y
batsy @BookishFeminist Hahaha. That actually sounds fun, I do enjoy a good hate read 😁 Thank you, I'm not sure if I can squeeze it in as yet since I have some reading challenges to fulfill 😬 but will let you know! 2y
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