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Grade 8 student. We are required to read 20 books by June 2020. :)
Breaking Dawn | Stephenie Meyer
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➡Romantic Fiction
➡Me & @May14 decided to read the whole series together
➡Bella becomes pregnant on their honeymoon and she suffer throughout her pregnancy. Once her baby is born she gets turned into a vampire at the last moment.The Volturi thought that this baby was an immortal child (children turned into vampires, they are dangerous)so they decided to go after the child. The Cullens gather witnesses and manage to convince them

Eclipse | Stephenie Meyer
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➡Romantic fiction
➡Me and @May14 decided to read the whole series
➡Bella is being hunted by a Vampire named Victoria. She created an army of newborn vampires to kill her for revenge. The Cullen's make a truce with the werewolves to fight the newborn army. Jacob and Edward fight for Bella's love but Bella Chooses Edward and got engaged to him. Later, the Cullen's and the wolf pack defeat the newborn Vampires.

LaxaAliyah That is a good book 👍 3d
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New Moon | Stephanie Meyer
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➡Romantic Fiction
➡Me and @May14 decided to read the series together
➡Bella's family moves out of town.Bella is devastated but she falls in love with a warewolf named Jacob. She finds out that Edward is going to get himself killed by the “Volturi“ by revealing vampires existence, since he thought Bella died. Bella flies to italy and faces the Volturi,and she manages to save him on the condition that she has to becone a vampire.

ljuliel Welcome ! I just took a look at your posts. You‘re off to a good start on your20 book goal. Keep up the good work. 👍🏼 3w
MrMisterMeditate @ljuliel Thanks :)!!!!! 3w
Betty. i am team i don't know 1w
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Twilight | Stephenie Meyer
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➡Young Adult Romantic Fiction
➡Me and @May14 decided to read the whole series together
➡A 17 year old girl named Bella Swan moved into a gloomy neighborhood named “forks“ she meets this guy name Edward cullen, they become a thing and turns out he is a vampire, but not an ordinary vampire, him and his family survive off of animal blood, but a mean vampire hunts after Bella, luckily Edward and his family manage to save her.

MrMisterMeditate @Maddisson_B8291 I am team Edward. 3w
May14 I am excited to see what the next novel brings! #TeamEdward.
Btw, nice strategy!
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MrMisterMeditate @May14 Team edward forever and ever skskksksk mehak oop 3w
spaghetti why 3w
julianna.garcia Sounds like a good book. team Edward 1w
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Good Dog | Dan Gemeinhart
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➡Adventure Fiction
➡Found it in the library
➡A dead dog named Brodie is living the life in his afterlife, but something seems wrong. His boy Aiden is in danger of an abusive dad. Brodie decides to go to the land of the living to save his Boy with the help of a few friends. But there is a catch, being in the living world will take up his soul slowly. Brodie decides to take the risk, and he manages to save his Boy!

May14 Extremely adorable! Really creative. 4w
MrMisterMeditate @May14 thank you meyhak oop doo doo doo doo doo doo doo mehak oop do do do do do do 4w
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The Terrible Two | Mac Barnett, Jory John
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➡Journalistic, Dramatic Fiction
➡Found it in the science classroom.
➡After moving into another neighborhood Miles Murphy decides to be the best prankster at his new school. But the school already has one, his name was Niles, Miles and Niles engage in “prank wars“ but after going at it for a while they make a truce and they decided to be a prankster duo, they pull the biggest prank at their school with the help of some cows.

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➡Journalistic Fiction
➡Journalistic Fiction is my favourite genre
➡This book is about a girl named Ratchet that is homeschooled, she has no friends. She has a dad who is an activist trying to save the “moss tree park“ , and she learns that her mom left her dad. Ratchet makes a friend from teaching a go cart class named Hunter. And together they save the park. Racthet learns the importance of having friends and a Dad.

Eggs Welcome to Litsy 🥳 1mo
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Chemistry Lessons | Meredith Goldstein
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➡Scientific Romantic Fiction
➡The title was interesting.
➡After a breakup, Maya's Aunt told her about a top secret lab her mother used to work on , it was on manipulating phermones, and how it can “revive attraction“ it was the science that could revive long term relationships! Maya was a bit reluctant at first, but she decides to carry on her mothers work.Instead of winning her ex back, she discovers a true kind of love.

May14 interesting topic!
Rikatotoka I agree with @May14, This topic sounds fascinating on how pheromones give you the sense that your attracted to someone and how science can determine a long lasting relationship. Good story choice! (edited) 1mo
krwestling @May14 A VERY INTERESTING TOPIC :) 1mo
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➡Historical Adventure Fiction
➡Oct, 23, 2019
➡ My friend recommended this book to me.
➡This book is about an 11 year old boy named Paul Comber who is living in France 1944 which at the time, is taken over by the "Nazis" As Paul goes out to buy cookies, he meets someone from the resistance and figures out his mother is a part of it too. Later Paul and his allies disable deadly weapons eventually letting the "allies" win the war.

May14 Wow! Can't wait to see the summary of this book! 2mo
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A Girl Like You | Maureen Lindley
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➡Historical fiction
➡I stole this book from a friend, the good news is: they let me keep it
➡A Japanese/American girl named Satmoi stuggles to fit in. Her dad has been called to the japanese vs american war, he died. All the Japenese people in America got sent into a harsh camp called Manzanar. As Satomi gets released, she learns how to adapt in the real world, and she finds her true identity.

keirradomingo nice one
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➡Fiction/ Non Fiction / Parables, Poetry
➡July/ 2018
➡I decided to finish reading this book because I believe I need some holiness in my life.
➡Man Vs Self, Man Vs world, Man Vs Man. This book included many bible stories, qoutes from very important people and vitures to help us throughout our lives, for example : “Man does 5% of the farming while God does 95%“

May14 sounds interesting! 1mo
Ifollowpeople May the power of god be invested in you :) 1mo
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➡I came across it in the library.
➡A 12 year old villager named “Runt“ dreams of being a warrior because his village keeps getting attacked. Suddendly an annoucement saying that the top 5 students with the highest level gets to become warriors. Runt does everything he can to raise his score, he wants to overcome his rival “Max“, and show his friend “Steve“ he is worthy. (The book left off with a cliffhanger)

Ifollowpeople Can't wait for the summary of part 2! 1mo
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Polar Bears Past Bedtime | Mary Pope Osborne
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➡Fantasy Adventure
➡I chose this book because I found it on my bookshelf.
➡ Man vs World. Two siblings, Jack and Annie were called into the magic treehouse for another adventure. So they were magically teleported into a really cold place. They meet a kind man (no name) and he teaches them how polar bears slide on thin ice despite how heavy they are. Jack And Annie use this info when they get into a sticky situation themselves .

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Herobrine Saves Christmas | Zack Zombie Books
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➡Started: 9,11,19
➡Completed: 9,15,19
➡Christmas gift from my daycare.
➡A young boy named Herobrine does not understand the full concept of christmas and he states that christmas is the most confusing thing in the human world. To make matters worse, the Wither brothers kidnapped Santa! fortunatley he has the the help of his best friend Lucy Lurker. They go into the nether and they manage to save santa. Xmas is saved!

Rikatotoka The book sounds very fascinating! I can't wait to read the review! 3mo
MrMisterMeditate @Rikatotoka thank you so much! 😁 3mo
spaghetti creeper aw man 3mo
MrMisterMeditate So we back in the mine, got our pickaxe swinging from side to side 3mo
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