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I‘ve only heard about this specific church in passing, so this was interesting. I also recommend checking out the documentary “Most Hated Family in America” and then the author‘s twitter feed, just to understand how far this woman has come since leaving her hateful church.

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Thank you Litsy for being the nicest social media community. Today, I've been in some really tense debates with people on FB who don't understand that the same rights that let them carry guns also allow for a person to choose to not stand during the national anthem. I cannot understand how someone doesn't understand that black lives matter. So now officially: Litsy > all other social media apps. #rantover #TheyNeedToReadSomeHistory

LauraBeth I've all but abandoned other social media because I'm tired of the hate and the ignorance. Littens are my kind of people 😀 6y
rachel_mbc ❤️❤️❤️ 6y
Alisnazzy @LauraBeth I have definitely decreased the amount of time spent on other SM apps since joining Litsy. And with this election and all the social issues happening, the hate and bigotry has really affected my anxiety. So it's definitely Better for my health to stay away from them. 6y
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Gayan Litsy has pulled me away from Facebook somewhat and that's a good thing. As the only Liberal from a very Conservative family, Facebook can sometimes be a minefield for me. I love it here. 6y
razmanda At least she saw herself out, @Ambrosnazzy. Agree wholeheartedly on your post! 6y
Alisnazzy @Currysunshine that's your constitutional right. Peace ✌🏼 6y
Alisnazzy @razmanda yeah I deleted my initial response because I really shouldn't have gotten down to her level. That's just the mindset these people have gotten me into today. Ugh 😖 6y
Bette ❤️Litsy! And thanks for posting a pic of Mr. Khan, he and his wife are my heroes: humble and honest. 6y
Laura317 So...unless you're liberal you aren't welcome on Litsy? I came here to discuss books. That's why I left FB. I am weary of watching liberals and conservatives explode at each other. 😢Can we get back to talking about books? Please? 6y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Gayan I'm right there with you, same dynamic in my family circles, and in my rural area for that matter. 6y
Owlizabeth 💜💜💜💜 6y
mauveandrosysky Are you talking about Kaepernick? I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. #isitwithkap 6y
Alisnazzy @Laura317 I'm weary of the entire political system. But what I've found here is a more educated group of individuals whose social/political leanings are more in tune with mine. Perhaps I was in the wrong for how I worded this post (I've been in some very heated debates this evening). I believe that reading would benefit everyone in the current political climate & I thought y'all would understand my belief. I'm sorry if I offended. 6y
Alisnazzy @mauveandrosysky I used that hashtag today and thought I was damn witty. Great minds think alike 😉 6y
Texreader @Laura317 I enjoy Litsy for the lack of politics too. But I have to admit I like posts about the Constitution (absent the political banter). My little pocket Constitution rocks. 6y
Melkyl When I make the mistake of voicing my opinion on Facebook, I want to kick myself in my own butt for being so foolish. I love the Litsy community because of the universal love of books and the abundance of accepting people. I have yet to see anyone attacked for not liking another person's favorite book 😂😂 6y
Gayan @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I live in a tiny town in the "country" so, yeah, people think I'm weird, and I hope I am. ? 6y
KafkaKitten Truth! All I have is Instagram (because I just can't deny myself pictures of adorable cats and delicious food) and Litsy. The litsy community is by far the best community online period, not even just social media. 6y
Laura317 @Ambrosnazzy I'm not offended. 😀 6y
Alisnazzy @Melwilk I definitely silently judge though lol 😂😂😂😂 6y
Alisnazzy @KafkaKitten I follow a lot of travel pages now on Instagram and def the cats. There are also some book pages I follow that have really whimsical pics of books, but now I'm on Litsy even more than IG. FB & Twitter have gone on the back burner lately. 6y
Alisnazzy @Laura317 see this is why I love Listy. I feel like we can have such cordial, educated banter. I'm glad I didn't offend. I would've felt bad. I promise I'll get back to book posts right away lol 6y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Gayan Same here! If refusing to fit in is wrong, I don't wanna be right! 😉 6y
GinaAnderson This political season has definitely been rough. I try to remember that no one's mind has ever been changed on Facebook and I still have to see these people at Christmas and stay away from commenting on politics. Some days it's a Herculean effort. I sometimes need to hide people for a while. 😬 6y
Melkyl @Ambrosnazzy Well, of course 😉 6y
Alisnazzy @GinaAnderson you're right. It's so hard because I find if I don't respond, they'll think they're correct and I'm too competitive for that to happen 😅 6y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Seriously though, I've never understood why everyone can't just agree to get out of everyone else's business,, unless you are hurting someone else...let freedom ring. "Can't we all just get along" 6y
GinaAnderson @Ambrosnazzy I'm going to let you in on a little secret. They're going to think they're correct anyway. 😜 6y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @GinaAnderson Hahaha! I remember doing that 8 years ago! Just stashing a bunch of people in 'acquaintances' and hiding them on my feed until a few months after the election! Then cautiously letting them out of the Facebook corner. I only had to permanently unfriend one who was just too much for me. 6y
CallMeIshmael Omg I love this post! 6y
Megabooks I've removed myself from Facebook. I hated it, and it was making me anxious. Consider giving it up. You can keep Instagram and messenger. 6y
Alisnazzy @CallMeIshmael yay! Two people so far haven't. I don't need them following me anyways. 😂😂😂 6y
Texreader @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Nicely put! That's my motto. 6y
Texreader @Ambrosnazzy I've never done FB and your experience gives me another reason not to do FB! I do travel sites on Instagram and crafts on Pinterest. How to stay calm in an insane world. 6y
bookishkai Litsy is the best. I find that readers, no matter age, race, nationality, gender, political affiliation, or religion, are more willing and able to have reasoned and logical discussions about everything. And we're better able to understand someone else's point of view even if we don't agree with it. I'm curious whether the angry people that are pushing me away from Facebook and tumblr are readers or not. 6y
mauveandrosysky Also I'm so glad you posted this here. I've found that most of the people on Litsy seem to have similar views as me about this kind of stuff and that's just so refreshing, honestly. ❤️ Like you sort of touched on above, readers tend to be well-informed, intelligent, critical thinkers. 6y
KVanRead @bookishkris Yes! Higher reasoning, broader understanding, greater compassion —that's what reading does. And yes Litsy is the best.❤️❤️❤️ 6y
Librarianaut Litsy rules! FB drools 😜 6y
Alisnazzy @mauveandrosysky it does feel wonderful to be in a like-minded community, but there will always be room for discussion and debate. I did have someone comment on here right away that I had brought the drama and that all lives matter #unfollow and honestly that just proved my point about those people. Obviously I've received much more support on this post and that has made this stressful evening a whole lot better 6y
Yournewfriendsams I've never been part of a more supportive and open-minded social media platform. Go Litsy!!! 6y
JacqMac I'm having a similar issue with FB today. It makes me so anxious. Litsy rocks! 6y
Laalaleighh @Ambrosnazzy My bf&I are originally from Mississippi and a large portion of our friends and family live there. I feel you. So much. My beach vacation every year consists of a condo with 4 televisions constantly tuned to Fox News &people forcing me to talk about politics. My own mother&I can't be Fb friends bc of politics. Every time I post anything she disagrees with she jumps down my throat in comments & her posts make me want to smash things. 6y
Laalaleighh @Ambrosnazzy not surprisingly, she doesn't read. Honestly I don't care if you're liberal or conservative as long as you can have a civil conversation or even debate about something without getting angry or resorting to ad-hominem attacks. Also, I expect your opinion to be well-informed, and not just a bunch of talking points with nothing to back them up. 6y
Laalaleighh @Ambrosnazzy Oh. I also have no time for people that use the opposing political party names like they are derogatory slurs. Be respectful. Be open-minded. Seek truth. The end. This is why I love Litsy. Readers are informed and capable of intelligent debate without getting personally offended. Also they're exposed to tons of ideas and narratives outside the one they know- so they realize there is more to life than their personal experience. 6y
BooksForEmpathy ❤️❤️❤️ Litsy. 6y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I think everyone here hit the nail on the head exactly right... That study that found readers to be more empathetic has been proven to me in this community...even if we disagree, we are much more likely to also be able to see things from the other point of view too and understand where people with different positions are coming from too. 6y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Ambrosnazzy I know... I've never understood how so many can see the silent (Only) Black Lives Matter, but not the silent Black Lives Matter (Too). I used to think it was simple miscommunication, misunderstanding of the meaning of the phrasing, but the same people completely understand the silent (too) once it switched to "blue lives". One of the many things no one has been able to explain to me satisfactorily. 6y
VeryLazyDaisy Litsy is my escape from the rabid political posts everywhere else. I hope Litsy stays comfortable. I couldn't take it if it turned into politics. 6y
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