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It's been a while since I've done #thankawriter - I loved Leah Carroll's tone-perfect memoir, and her ability to describe my state of Rhode Island perfectly. I had to write her. And I'm happy to say she wrote a really nice note back. It really made my day. Ok - tag, you're it.

RanaElizabeth That's so sweet. I loved that book too! 6y
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Such a great historical book that reads like fiction; enjoyed it so much! Thanks, @hollytucker for the ARC book!

@Eamann I sent my email to the author in appreciation!

Ericmanciniwriter Nice! I just sent a twitter message to Daniel Mendelssohn about a great NYer article #thankawriter 6y
CrowCAH @Eamann awesome, so cool! 6y
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Saying Thank You | Monisha Vasa
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Last week I gave out homework (tongue firmly in cheek) for people to write to authors whose books they liked. A few people did it and the response was really positive. So if you write an author and have a positive experience, post about it with the tag #thankawriter
@Smangela @Suet624 @Texreader @lemonlime799

mauveandrosysky I still need to do this! I'm waiting until I read another book by a debut or not-super-famous author. 7y
Texreader I emailed Laura McNeal and heard back the same day so be sure to #thankawriter!! Thanks @Eamann !! 7y
TrishB I get responses on fb? 7y
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Ericmanciniwriter @TrishB that counts! All forms of communication except for yelling at authors on the street should be considered 7y
Ericmanciniwriter @mauveandrosysky yea you might find that Saunders's inbox is plenty full at this point.. 7y
Smangela @Eamann I wish I would've saved my email! I'll be sure to do it again though and definitely post about it :) love the idea! 7y
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The Practice House | Laura McNeal
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At a fellow Litsian's suggestion, I sent the author an email letting her know how much I loved the book. She emailed me back! Obviously a wonderful #blameitonlitsy. I wish I remembered who made the suggestion so I can send a happy shout-out to you! 🎉🎉🎉. Ps: I made a plug for Litsy to her. Maybe she'll join us!

Varshitha Wow!! 7y
Suet624 Was it @Eamann who suggested it? 7y
Texreader @Suet624 yes it was! I found his post called Homework! Thanks for tracking him down. Thank you @Eamann for the assignment! Awesome idea! I will try to do it regularly. 7y
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Cinfhen So wonderful 💕 7y
Ericmanciniwriter Oh wow - this makes me really happy @Suet624 @Texreader. I hope this catches on 7y
Reviewsbylola Love this! I'm sure your email meant a lot to her! 7y
CrowCAH It was @Eamann ? He gave us "homework" lol 7y
Smangela I sent Jude Devereaux a message on GoodReads once and she responded! It was so awesome! 7y
Texreader @Eamann @Suet624 We need a hashtag! Thoughts? 7y
Suet624 @Eamann @Texreader Perfect hashtag. 7y
Ericmanciniwriter I'll post about it tonight @Suet624 @Texreader 7y
Texreader @Eamann I like it!! 7y
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